Double Hypocrisy

This is a very apt question for today. Will Jesus find faith on the earth when he returns? With the advances the homosexual Community has made in churches, schools, and life in general perhaps not.

We can thank President Obama for this as he is the only sitting president ever to endorse homosexual marriage and get it approved through the Supreme Court. That Supreme Court will be before the white Throne judgement and that Court’s Authority will make theirs look as nothing. It may be legal but it is not right in the eyes of God and that is the final Authority like it or not.

I never in my life thought this was possible at a church but affirming churches are popping up everywhere. Add this to the growing Roman Catholic sexual abuse scandal and homosexuality seems to be holding the upper hand in society at present. Every great civilization in history Has Fallen due to homosexuality and immorality in general.

Now it is popping up in the Knights of Columbus which should come as no real surprise because they are also part of the Roman Catholic Church.

They March in parades as well as to affirming churches at the same time they are trodding on the word of God. We ought to obey God than man.

If that continues the homosexual agenda in America will continue to grow and strengthen.

Christian still have time to Halt this abomination but currently it is like an avalanche rolling down hill with nothing in the way to stop it. Pray about this America and pray hard.



When I taught at a Roman Catholic school in Columbus, Ohio, I coached their baseball team. Before each and every game they prayed the Hail Mary Prayer. They did it out of memory and so rapidly it was almost as if they were zombies. They had certainly attached no meaning to what they had said. 

That was back when I was a Catholic. I noticed that the other coach, also a Catholic, did not participate. I tried to keep up with the boys but couldn’t keep up with them.

Father Mason told me later that the majority of the boys attached no meaning to those words. When I left the church in 1981 it was like being released from prison. Catholics are very legalistic. As for. The rosary itself was creepy. I did enjoy the singing of the great hymns of the church but that was about it. I call those years the longest years because they were real. I was also surprised as to how few  Of the congregation took mass.  You know maybe, just maybe, it’s the patron saint of boredom.?


Cardinal In Australian Prison

Cardinal George here. I’ve been tweeting to the Vatican for days but word finally came from a priest that I’m still a Cardinal. That was a relief off my beak. I need a few belts of Scotch to help me endure this isolation. They even took my rosary away from me. I wonder if I’ll come back as a St. Louis Cardinal? But what’s a St. Louis Cardinal doing inArizona? All they give me to read here is from the Audubon society. It’s addressed to Cardinal Birdbrain. Cute. You know that after the Aussie Supreme Court is through finding me guilty, my former cardinals will absolve me and I’ll be free as a bird so to speak.   Do feathers itch?


My Catholic associate  got on me, again, about the Hail Mary Prayer saying it wasn’t repetitive.   He forgot to mention this.

53 Hail Marys?Not repetitive? This Catholic denies the truth.  6 Glory  Be? He has a whole hive of those! He has a whole set of New Age Movement mantras. I think he took the Pentecostal music when he converted to Satans church. More revelations in part three coming up soon!


The Rosary came about in the 6th century and is just another relic picked up in history by the RCC. It came through a vision of Mary by St. Dominic who was listening to a song about him in the background by Debbie Reynolds. 

And look who else uses them? Islam probably for how many people ISIS has killed that day, Buddhist and Hindus, and even the Baha’i. Now what exactly does the Roman Catholic do with them?

I will take up that in Part Two.


I have a powerful video for you today about the coming year of hell for the Catholic Church. Young children now many of them adults can sue the  Catholic Church for one year and on the very first day thousands came forward. You must watch this video.  The Vatican City fears hundreds of  parishes will go bankrupt over this court action. This is a heavy price to pay but just largely due to their coverup.


Replacing the iconic design of the Crystal Cathedral under the tenure of Dr, Robert Schuller is a dark entity that makes you feel as though you were entombed in bubble wrap.  One used to be able to see through all those windows but no longer.

When you enter the main door of Christ Cathedral you are greeted by the visage of Satan. Much of the redone Cathedral, at the cost of 72 Million dollars, is dark and foreboding. There is The all seeing eye of Freemasonry on the altar and artwork close to Wiccan throughout.

Look at how Mary is displayed. Hardly flattering with the long neck. What could have been a living testimony to Jesus Christ is dark and unpleasant. Why? 

The Orange County Diocese could have made this much lighter in scope. Perhaps the 72 Million might have been put to greater use as to feed the poor?



Peter represents the Catholics in the prophetic program which involves Israel’s old and new covenant. It includes times past which is now history and ages to come which is yet future. 

Paul represents the body of Christ in the mystery program. It is but now or our present era.


 Yes, sad to say but the Catholic Eucharist is influenced by magic. Perhaps the Catholics picked up a positive idea from Voodoo but more  than likely it was voodoo who gleaned whatever they could and then combine it into a Pandora’s box of splendor.

Fusion of traditional African beliefs (West African Voodoo), Arawakan, and Roman Catholicism. Slaves were forced to convert to Catholicism, but continued to secretly practice voodoo. Forced participation in the Catholic church led to the syncretization of voodoo with Catholic principles.

Pretty soon, Voodoo and the Catholics will partner once again to start a glorious church.




What communion hath the Roman Catholics have with Voodoo? My thanks to my graphics editor Mike Reynolds for his great graphics for this series. 

Mixed with elements of Catholicism, Voodoo is now even more unique. What has voodoo been able to add to Catholicism? And how can anyone be a good Catholic if they are practicing black magic? Maybe voodoo has had some influence on the Eucharist in return? Could the mystery of how the elements change from wafer to flesh come by way of voodoo black magic? You might want to examine this evidence   now.  More in part two.




Young eleven year old Danny was running late for confession. Father forgive me for I have sinned. TELL ME. Well it’s kind of hard to talk about but I called one of you guys a queer. My dad spanked me for that. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING? He stuck his thing in my rear end and gave me wine to soothe the pain. I was so scared. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT THIS? Well my dad won’t believe me so maybe I should tell the cops? YOU’RE TELLING ME ABOUT IT. AND I THINK I  UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION. That’s a relief Father because no one else does. You’re really a great guy Father. WELL THANK YOU.  I HAD A GREAT DEAL OF FUN WITH YOU TOO. Your voice? Its different now and very familiar. Wait a minute! It’s you. THATS RIGHT DANNY AND THEY’LL BE NOMORE TALK ABOUT TELLING ANYONE. I HAVE THE POWER TO SEND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY TO HELL. DO YOU WANT THAT? No, but you hurt me. YOU’LL GET USED TO THIS AS YOUR  PERSONAL SACRIFICE TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY FROM GOING TO HELL.


The Dark Comprehends It Not

Oh no, you’re a priest. Please don’t touch me there.

What? Our pastors have taught us the wrong things?

Do you mean David C Pack is a false apostle?

What’s more amazing than the Catholic sexual abuse scandal is on why parents keep their children in the Roman Catholic Church in the first place? The Catholic church is concerned with the billions of dollars in Revenue it is costing the church over that of caring for the children that have been abused by priests and Bishops. The Catholic church is still in the Darkness concerning this issue.

Roman Catholic parents should wonder why they’re hanging around the Roman Catholic church now. Their children are at stake.


Congregations are being wrongly taught by their pastors and none are Bereans of Acts 17:11 checking everything out against the word of God. Do you desire to live in the dark? Or in the glowing light of Jesus Christ? Shreds of light are now becoming seen by the Roman Catholic Church but there is a long way to go. Let the light shine upon the error until it evaporates in Jesus name. Amen!


Catholic Pharisees? How come? Catholics believe in the Torah yet today including oral traditions just like the Pharisees. See how similar they are. With their sexual orgies by Popes they make a laughing stock of that office. Then their have been a whole string of Popes that have concealed child molesters for decades. Then when they are investigated,  it is done internally by the very people that concealed it. Why are Catholics even allowed to do this? Why aren’t local law enforcement doing this?

Oral traditions can be changed at the drop of a hat. I had a Catholic tell me to read the catechism to understand church doctrine. Church doctrine for the body of Christ is found in the Pauline  Epistles. The Holy Spirit guides me into all truth so why do I need oral tradition? How can you surpass all truth?

The New Pharisees are the Roman Catholics. Beware!