Chrislam Brings in One World Church

There is a new Bible out that kicks the Father and the Son out of the Bible. They are replaced by Allah and the Holy Spirit. I have a video for you today about how Pope Francis is trying to unite Christians, Islam, and Judaism together into one body. chrislam This is the Bible without … Continue reading “Chrislam Brings in One World Church”

If the Roman Catholic Church isn’t of God Who are they Under? Satan

Throughout the centuries Roman Catholicism has existed on a Sensational lie, that Peter isn’t the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church was not commissioned by Jesus Christ but by someone comparable to him. Satan said in Isaiah 14:14, I will be like the most high. And The Great Deceiver has been deceiving the Roman Catholic … Continue reading “If the Roman Catholic Church isn’t of God Who are they Under? Satan”

The MAGIC of the Roman Catholic Church

I will transform this wafer and cup….I will bless this water…This is the unbroken secret of the Roman Catholic Church as they create as they speak. This is similar to the Pentecostal experience and their name it claim it theology. And it all stems from the magic and occultic world from which it comes. So … Continue reading “The MAGIC of the Roman Catholic Church”

Strange African Church

A pastor in Africa has ordered his female members to attend church with limited clothing. Men are not under that command. Yet. This is due to Pentecostal church influence in Africa. I have a video about this pastor Here. Evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. No discernment whatsoever … Continue reading “Strange African Church”

The Charismatic New Age Deception In the Church

I have a wonderful video for you today about end time deception. In the Church Will show you the methods That apostate churches are using to snare both You and your money into captivity. Imposters Are growing worse and worse, Deceiving and being deceived.

Why are Church Members so Ignorant of Biblical Ttuth?

I once knew a woman in a church and she told me that she knows that the church teaches wrongly but that she had been going there for 20 years and wasn’t about to change now. She willingly sits under false teaching. And there are thousands of those like her. Pentecostal churches play fast and … Continue reading “Why are Church Members so Ignorant of Biblical Ttuth?”

Uncompromising Gospel

EXPOSING CHRISTIAN ERROR will not compromise the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have had Buddhists tell me I don’t understand their religion. The only thing I need to understand is that Buddhists are atheists. The natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to them, … Continue reading “Uncompromising Gospel”

Signs & Wonders- 3

Se#333_&€@#&*##6331111111114111411114111131114&&42&&133&12333333333313&&&&&33&&&2&&&&&2 6th period of signs of Wonders is now in our present day and time. The Pentecostal movement knows this but does not seem to care. They have called this time, a time of trouble instead of the Biblical words for it. The time of Jacob’s trouble. It is on our doorstep right now. This … Continue reading “Signs & Wonders- 3”

The Real Problem at The RCC

The RCC has purposely been deceiving it’s own membership and especially the lambs entrusted to their for self gravitation. They have dug a pit for themselves to fall into. The hierarchy of the oldest church have refused to acknowledge their sin. The pleasures of sin were more important to priests, bishops, and cardinals than the … Continue reading “The Real Problem at The RCC”

David C Pack of Lies

David C Pack is a self-proclaimed apostle. Nobody bestowed that honor on him so like Jezebel in Revelation 2 he gave that honor to himself. Acts 1:20-21 gives the qualifications. For becoming an apostle. The chief one being that they had to be present of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That would make Pack over … Continue reading “David C Pack of Lies”

Emotionalism Dangers

Emotionalism is affecting the church greatly. It has caused Church leadership to Tailer make their services to bring out emotion. When emotions take hold of a person they react more to their emotion than the truth of God. They feel a move of the spirit when the spirit may not have moved at all. Emotions … Continue reading “Emotionalism Dangers”

Catholic Deceivers Being Deceived

Evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. This is the fate of the Roman Catholic Church from the beginning. Mary is not the co-redemptrix as many of the Catholic faith believe. There is one mediator between God and Men, the man Christ Jesus. We are not even to offer … Continue reading “Catholic Deceivers Being Deceived”