This is a must see video on this topic Vatican sex scandal. The video states that in 2013 the Vatican set up a conference to combat this issue but like many promises on the Roman Catholic Church this conference was never set up. To the Discerning world this shows the sincerity of the Catholic hierarchy in dealing with this crushing issue. They have been more concerned with the monetary cost this is causing the church over that of the children that are being molested. Can you believe that? This worldwide plague is current and many of the charges current. The United States now is investigating this crime in 47 States. Thousands of children had been misused not only by the offending priests but those in the hierarchy who have covered this up for so long. The Pope I knew all about this for you before situations arose where he can no longer keep it in hiding. Now he is being forced to deal with it. A Godly Man would not to be forced to do anyting but this shows that the papacy is corrupt.

3 thoughts on “VATICAN SEX SCANDEL”

  1. At it’s very worst 4.7% of Priests were guilty of the terrible sin of sexual abuse back in the late 80s. The liberal media and Catholic haters will never tell you this but that has long since been brought down by the Church to less than 1%. That is a rate lower than in ANY other organization today! They wont tell you that Pope Benedict XVI personally kicked out 800 offending Priests. They wont tell you that since 81% OF that MINORITY of 4.7% was the homosexual abuse of young boys that the Church has stopped accepting practicing homosexuals into its Seminaries. Why do they want you to hate the oldest Church? Who teaches hate? Jesus..or Satan?


    1. It’s obvious you didn’t watch the video as this is modern times now and the church is still doing this. Vacations in Los Angeles our current cases not cases from 25 years ago. Your statistics have to be Catholic ones. And why would they take practicing homosexuals into the church as priests to begin with? God doesn’t reside in temples built with hands.


    2. Three times since 2013 the Catholics and promised to do something about this. To this day nothing has been done. A fourth promises for a conference in late February of this year has been promised. We shall accurately be watching.


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