The One Catholic gambit has always been you can’t go wrong on Aramaic except where abracadabra has been, for it was there first. There is no connection to the rock Peter except by speculation and definitely no comparison to the RCC.  In truth, it should have been called the Abracadabra Roman Catholic Church.  In that way you don’t need the  Catholic Canon. Or the Catechism or anything else. You have the ever so trusty Abracadabric Aramaic to see you through. What a friend!

Government and Politics- 5

The word therefore is key here because it brings the previous four verses to an apparent conclusion. The second key word to this verse is must. It places a key emphasis on obedience to the whole matter of this conclusion. One must be in subjection to the person that God has put in Authority. There is not even one iota of wiggle room here. The populace must be in subjection to the authority that God has put in charge. Then God puts the clause in as to why. The first Clause is to avoid his Wrath. The his in question is not the authority’s Wrath but God’s Wrath which can be significant or worse. But then God provides us with a better reason. We are to obey for the sake of conscience. God doesn’t want us to feel bad for a poor decision or to not obey the authority. If we choose not to obey our conscience will be troubled in some manner for it’s only human to do so. God always wants us to make the right decision so our conscience is not in question. Is this happening today? Not really especially from the opposite party. They are voting as a block to withhold any support from the president. And the strange thing to the American people is that things are going pretty well right now. Remember how everyone thought that a Democrat would be winning the White House? All the polls had Hillary Clinton winning and the Press was saying the same thing. Well as Gomer Pyle might say, surprise surprise! Now all the polls are saying that the Democrats are poised to take the House and Senate. That doesn’t make sense because if Americans are happy with the authority, why would they not keep his party in power to continue the good times? Are these polls controlled by the Press to get rid of this president? Keep in mind what verse 5 says. To obey to avoid God’s Wrath which the Democratic Party might face in November. Scripture does not lie. If for no other reason the American public must cast their vote for the sake of their conscience and not for any political party. I hope you have enjoyed the series.


Government and Politics- 4

The president is the servant of God and an Avenger who carries out God’s Wrath on the wrongdoer. Wow! With a president like Donald Trump that carries with it a sledgehammer. Now he’s taking the security clearance away from former CIA operatives. The ones affected say he’s carrying out revenge against those who speak against him. When they speak against him they better be forewarned that scripture backs him up. The ruler is God’s servant for your good but if you do wrong be afraid. Those that speak against the president whoever he might be should expect presidential clout against them. That is within his powers. Even though this is a free country many politicians abuse their Authority. And yes even CIA operatives have a political agenda. However in this case there could be extra ordinary circumstances. As I’ve said before in this series this is an unconventional president. It is someone that the country has never seen before because he is not a politician. In some ways that is refreshing. He reaches out to his power base with his Twitter account and that is very unpresidential. But again this is not a very presidential president. Our country has never before had a businessman for a president. With each day something new develops it would seem. Yet there have been great things being done by this president. Again be forewarned that the president is an Avenger of God’s Wrath against the wrongdoer. And our president has a reputation for being a very scary Avenger. I take you back to Romans 13:2, that the president is there by God’s appointment and those that resist the ordinance draw Swift destruction upon themselves. And this country has just seen such an example with the CIA. My conclusion comes in part 5 so stay tuned until tomorrow morning.

Government and Politics- 3

I wonder what this has to say to the Democratic party today? Or to the Republican Party when the Democrats are in power? Regardless of the political stance, if whatever party is in power is doing good, why is not the other party backing them? To the Bible student this would be the proper way but it’s becoming more and more apparent that Washington DC does not operate in this manner. Even so the nation’s motto is In God We Trust. I would have to ask, when do we say that anymore? The only time Washington DC is in agreement is when they vote themselves raises! Then there is bipartisanship. If you want to win our present presidents favor you best well agree with him or run for the Hills. President Trump is Swift to act to his perceived enemies Swifter than most presidents have been. At least on the surface, for many presidents have been quick to act against their opponents. Most of them did it so no one knew what was happening. Trump lets them know about it on Twitter. In someone could only take that away from him he might win the approval of the other side. Might but I doubt it. The other side is bent only on being obstructionists. If you can believe this the Democratic Party did not have one vote for the president’s tax cuts for the American people. What would put more money in their pockets did not get one Democratic vote. And they say they have the people’s interest? Under normal circumstances that would be happening but we have an unconventional president who is trying to drain the swamp of Washington DC but the people in charge won’t let that happen. Does that make any sense? I will have more in part 4.

Government and Politics- 2


Who are the people that resist the government? It is God who gives these leaders their Authority. Just yesterday in a cabinet meeting, President Trump began the session with prayer for our nation. It truly needs it. On one hand, in the swamp, as the president so labels it, there is the obstructionist Democrats who vote as a block against the president no matter what the issue. Are they really for positive change in Washington? On the other hand is the president himself who changes his mind quickly and uses Twitter as his mouthpiece which I do not believe is suitable for a president of the United States. Turmoil seems to be the order of the day in Washington. Then you throw into that mess the Press.

The Free Press in our country is out of control. It would seem that they Bleed Blue, Democratic blue. They try to make President Trump look as bad as possible. Our press is a laughing stock in the world. It would seem the president draws a negative press wherever he goes but the president’s people back him soundly. While President Trump’s approval rating is rising Congress and the Senate remain low with the Press coming in last place. With everything surrounding president Trump going on behind the scenes there’s an effort to remove him from office backed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This drama gets no press coverage and that is a disgrace. A free press should cover all the stories without bias and yet sometimes it focuses on garbage news not worthy of our press while they ignore larger issues at hand. One of those bizarre nuances of the press is how they report a story fully and then say, we have not been able to confirm this source with whatever Network they’re servingwa. That’s like putting the Wagon in front we of the horse. The press needs to be more responsible because they are Their Own Worst Enemy. Fake news is the order.of the day and it seems to be working for the Press. Sooner or later our Free Press will not be trusted whatsoever by anyone. That is the mess and it’s happening in Washington today. Reflect back on the scripture for today. Those that resist the ordinance of God bring Swift destruction on themselves. If God put president Trump in control of the country, as he had done previously with Barack Obama, how should the people react? Recall the first king of Israel. God told the people what kind of King Saul would be and it wasn’t pretty people. The people wanted to be like all the other nations around them and so they voted Saul in and the Lord out. Saul was just as the Lord prophesied he would be. One of the best lines in 1st Samuel was they have not rejected you but they have rejected me says the Lord. Next I will focus on how we should behave toward the president of the United States.


The thump you just heard was Kent falling down when he heard  that abracadabra PRECEDES transubstantiation  one century making the ABRACADABRA Church equal in origin to the RCC. An ancient amulet in the form of the trinity speaks to healing. On the other hand, transubstantiation speaks to some meaning of the wafer and wine being transferable to the actual flesh and blood of Christ.

Even priests do not understand what they are doing. Yet if they use any mystical incantation they are drawing on something they cannot explain. If they follow abracadabra, they speak into existence the very things of John 6.  I create what I speak. Pentecostals do that with Name it, Claim it. The Restored Church of God for apostolic succession. Without the word of transfer. It makes everything appear contrived.

DO words really have meanings?  OF course they do. Yet words that are found in spirit and in truth. Do you recall the people worshipping to the tomb of the unknown God? THE ONE YOU WORSHIP WITHOUT KNOWING, HIM I PROCLAIM TO YOU. But Catholics have no idea what they are practicing and they admit that. The one you worship WITHOUT KNOWING. MYSTISISM! Bang the drum slowly. 

Government and Politics- 1

Think about this versqe for a moment. In Israel’s history there are a great many Kings, the majority of which were bad. Then apply the same verse to our country. Of course we don’t have Kings and we fought a war to get away from that. I’m talking about leadership here. The authorities that exist are appointed by God. For whatever reason! After all his ways are much higher than our ways. I think back to King Josiah. He was one of the good Kings but he enforced righteousness just as the evil Kings enforced lawlessness. 2nd Chronicles records that he made all the people do good and for all his days they did not depart from from God. Jeremiah the prophet was largely silent during the reign of Josiah but in Jeremiah 3:10 the prophet says this. Judah has not come to me with her whole heart but in pretense. Israel pretended to be obedient. That is why Josiah said that all his days they did not depart from the Lord. However The Obedience didn’t last to the next king. It was only there because he enforced it. The new King James version said, he MADE all who are in Israel obey. He made them obey. Whether they wanted to or not as it was not heartfelt as Jeremiah had said. Aren’t we in the same boat today? We presently have an unconventional president. The country is divided more than ever against President Trump but he is getting things done. His character is very questionable. This President is difficult to analyze. But we don’t have to analyze him because, as the scripture says, God put him in Authority just as he put Barack Obama in authority. Many have compared president Trump to King Cyrus who was not a very good King in character. In part 2 of this series I’m going to bring in to play the opposition to this president including the Free Press if there is such a thing. Stay tuned.


The RCC was destroyed in the  year  1500 in its first major split.  It broke apart from The Greek Orthodox Church. And it’s never been the same since.

Not to worry. We have the Abracadabra Encyclopedia Insurance Guarantee that what we do is right.As usual we just add in what we want.  And,Bingo! Sorry, that’s a word we support our gambling operations with. Catholics wanted to go into statues and idolatry and for a time there three popes in operation at the same time! And ever since 1524, they haven’t  FORGIVEN each  over. The sin of schism hangs ugly over their heads to this very day. What they have become are two denominations. We had to get off the stick and partner with abracadabra again. What about Scripture?

14 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Now we might have a problem with that text that even abracadabra can’t fix? Hmmm?













President Trump and his Jezebel Spiritual Advisor Paula White

hqdefault-3 As a spiritual advisor to President Trump, why is Paula White in such a seductive pose with the president? A bigger question. Where is President Trump’s discernment? It is a fact that he didn’t check her out thoroughly. Here are Paula White’s qualifications for spiritual advisor. She has been divorced 3 times, had an affair with fellow televangelist Benny Hinn, then told her congregation that unless they donate a months salary to her Ministry God would be displeased with them. Plus she is part of the New Apostolic Reformation and a woman pastor which the Bible prohibits. Every time Paula White takes a picture with anyone she is all over them. A spiritual advisor should be beside the President and not cozying up to him. With another woman suing the president it would seem that he would be more careful with Paula White? She supposedly led the President to the Lord many years before. What kind of characters does President Trump associate with? I’m surprised that the Democratic Party hasn’t jumped all over this. It was said that Melania Trump had the White House cleansed of evil spirits after the Obamas left the White House but that was fake news. Maybe Milani Trump might really think about this again to get the Jezebel spirit out of the White House? And how does Melania Trump feel about woman draping themselves all over the President?

Tower to Copeland

Tower to Learjet, Tower to Learjet, come in please. This is Kenneth Copeland of the plane truth. Are you with Herbert W Armstrong’s bunch? I believe he publishes the plain truth. He spelled his plane a little differently besides he’s deceased. Let the dead rest in peace please. Tower to Learjet, are you coming in for a landing? No I think I’ll fly around a lot longer today. After all the ministry’s paying for the gas. And ain’t that a gas! Tower to Learjet, how did you swing that deal? You gotta know when to fold and know when to play them. By the way you can call me Sky King because I rule the skies. If I feel lucky I may even drag Jesse Duplantis’ weird jet. Tower to Learjet, weird jet? Old Jesse purchased one of my old Lear Jets for a paltry 4 million. It slips in second. Tower to Learjet, did you say he bought your old rear? Not rear, LEAR! Get your ears cleaned out. How’d you like to hear my latest song? Tower to Learjet, we’re losing our signal, thank God.

You know, old Jessie might like my rear? He’s kind of funny that way.