Ezra and Studying

2nd Timothy 2:15 says, study to show thyself approved by God rightly dividing the word of Truth. That is what Ezra was doing as he first was studying the Hebrew texts of scripture which he would next put into practice

Practice and teaching are outgrowths of study. Walk as children of light. You shall know them by their fruits. Ezra then taught what he had learned and practiced. He was unable to rightly divide the word of God because that came later. Still he had to keep the Hebrew texts of scripture in context. How often do you study the word of God? I’m not talking about reading but studying it. You take the time to go behind the English into the Hebrew words. You cross reference from one verse to another. In Ezra’s day they did not have the Holy Spirit as we do today. The Holy Spirit guides you into all truth. But the first component to understand the Bible is to study is perhaps one half hour a day that will enrich your lives draw you closer to God.

Is Shaira Law Coming to the United States?

Sharia Law is already in the United States. Detroit Michigan has a section of the city where that law is already in operation. What about your state?The United States has at least two senators that are Muslims already and the Democratic Party failed to elect another Muslim the governor of Michigan. If you’re worried about Donald Trump having the nuclear codes, how would you feel about a Muslim having them? Why do Muslims come to the United States if they don’t want to get away from Sharia law?Is Sharia law constitutional? If Muslims like Sharia Law so much, why not return to a country in the 10/40 window? Besides, Shahira law is contrary to the Constitution of the United States.

1 Samuel 2:12, Romans 1:30 and 2nd Corinthians 6:15

There are three verses in the Bible that the homosexual community detest. According to the word of God there is no such thing as a homosexual Christian. I will take them one at a time. 1st Samuel 2:12 calls the sons of Eli sons of Belial. But the next words are critical, they do not know the Lord. Belial was often used throughout the Old Testament in conjunction with homosexuality. If the sons of Belial did not know the Lord, how can they be Christian? But it goes deeper than that for in Romans 1:30 one characteristic of the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle is that they are haters of God. That is found in Romans 1:30. So now we know that homosexuals both do not know the Lord and that they are haters of him. How then can they be Christian since they do not even know God and that they are haters of God? The last verse seals the deal. I have often heard homosexuals say that Jesus Christ had nothing to say about homosexuals. The woman at the well that had committed adultery was told by Christ that he did not condemn her. But he didn’t stop there. He also said, go and sin no more. He called her sexual activity sin. He never told her to continue in sin rather he told her to cut it out. That brings me to 2nd Corinthians 6:15. What Accord has Christ with Belial? NONE. Homosexuals and lesbians that are active cannot possibly be Christians because they deny both the father and the son by their abomination. As part of the body of Christ I am to love the sinner but hate the sin. I love homosexuals enough to warn them of their death Style. They consider warning as hate speech. I consider warning doing what Christ would have me to do to save a sinner from Hellfire. I would urge all homosexuals and lesbians to read either Ezekiel 3 or 33 to understand what I just said.

Lakewood Doctrine Duffer

Have you ever noticed Joel Osteen without that trademark smile of his? You can always see him holding his Bible up but rarely opening it to quote a verse. He is not an expository preacher and I doubt if he even knows what that is. He preaches like Dr. Schuller did but remember what happened to him at the end with his Crystal Cathedral. He wound up suing his church at the end. Will the same thing happen to Osteen?