The Proper Perspective to Prayer

The prophet Habakkuk teaches much about prayer. Prayer is easy in times of plenty but how do we function in prayer during bad times? Yes, many of us pray in bad times hoping to get out of them. But do we offer praise and thanksgiving at those times as well? Habakkuk teaches us that despite whatever negatives are weighing us down YET we can still praise God and thank him for breath of life, good friends, and that he is always there for us even in the worst of times. For when I am weak, then am I strong. Prayer should be made at all times but sometimes in times of plenty we forget to thank God for his many daily blessings. It seems that most often we only turn to God in bad times when we need him most. The proper perspective to prayer is that it needs to be done daily weather in good times or bad. Prayer shall be made to him continually and daily he shall be praised. Amen!

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