Out on a Prophecy Limb by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Well, he was wrong AGAIN. 

Jonathan Cahn’s latest prediction is the rapture will occur in the spring or fall of 2019. This will be another example if Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a true prophet of God or not and I shall be watching. The New Apostolic Reformation is horrible when it comes to the prophecy and predictions of its membership. We’ll see about this one soon.

6 thoughts on “Out on a Prophecy Limb by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn”

  1. I’ve got a hundred dollars that says there will be no “rapture” in November 2019. And another hundred that says Jesus will only come again at the end of the world. Otherwise he would come again at the “rapture” and then come again..again at the end of the world.


      1. AMEIN DEAR BROTHER…having recent dreams of waiting for THAT BLESSED HOPE looking up at the sky expecting Messiah to appear n take us home for we are not appointed unto wrath….dont even know if there is time for me to reorchestrate my song called…MESSIAH DANCN N OUR BONES or even this new song called…O N YOU YOU DONT WANNA BE LEFT BEHIND GOING THRU THIS EVIL TRIBULATION………..the whole earth is groaning…


    1. At the rapture he does not touch the ground, he meets the saved, (church) in the air. In the end, or before his reign on earth he puts is feet on earth.


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