Make a Joyful Noise

I was teaching a Sunday school class a few years ago on making a Joyful Noise before the Lord. Suddenly I asked my class to stand. There were hymnals at their chairs and I asked them to turn to a particular song. To their surprise, I asked them to join with me in singing a verse. You could have heard a pin drop as it was a lackluster attempt. So I turned my attention to an immortal sentence that we’ve all heard before. You might remember that when the Lord was calling to Samuel, the prophet thought Eli was calling him a couple of times before he discerned that it was the voice of the Lord. I preached a sermon on that called, Do You Hear What I Hear? So I used Sergeant Carter’s line, I can’t hear you? We tried the song again and it was somewhat louder but when I mentioned Carter’s line again, the third time was a charm. They sang beautifully and with gusto. The pastor was present and was so excited about morning worship coming up. He couldn’t wait for the first song. But during that first song you could have heard a pin drop again. The lesson didn’t take. That is until the Pastor said, I can’t hear you?

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