1. Perhaps Rabbi Chan did not lie but sincerely believed that a Rapture would come in the spring or fall of 2019. Be careful. Or you might have to call everyone who believes in the Rapture..a liar. Because the word..
    rapture..is found NOWHERE in the bible! Neither in the O.T. or in the N.T. So, If you believe in the Rapture and in The Scriptures Alone..that it MUST be in the scriptures or it is not true..you have problem!


  2. You admit that the word ‘rapture’ is not in the scriptures. You assume a rapture from Thess.4. So then..you do NOT believe in Sola Scriptura or..the scriptures alone! Good! “The scriptures alone”..is found NOWHERE in the bible either! By the way. No one for eighteen HUNDRED and thirty years interpreted from the Scriptures or taught the existence of any “rapture.” Darby invented that new gospel in about 1830 A.D. Then Tim LeHaye popularized the rapture and made himself a fortune with his Christian science-fiction, Left Behind, books


    1. I admit nothing of the sort. The apostle Paul was told about being caught up by Jesus Christ when given his 13 books to write. The gospel was hidden from the Bible for entries until given to Paul to reveal. And I have an even bigger one coming soon.


  3. You remove Peter, selected by Jesus and substitute Paul as the first leader of His Church, and then call that..a “bigger” Gospel?
    Well I will stick with what Jesus Christ said in His native tongue of Aramaic, to Peter. In Aramaic the word for Peter and Rock are the SAME word – Kepha. So Jesus said to Simon..”You are Kepha (Peter/Rock) and upon this Kepha (Peter/Rock) I will build MY Church. And the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” (There goes..the Catholic Church went Apostate). Jesus continues..”I will give to you (Peter) the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatsoever you (Peter) bind on earth will be bound IN HEAVEN.” (Matt.16:17-19) Now you know by what authority the Catholic Church bound us to celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday..to celebrate Our Lord Jesus Christ rising from the dead on..Sunday.


  4. And Peter, to whom Jesus gave the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the command to “Feed my sheep.” REPENTED, was forgiven of his sins! And Peter died for Jesus, like Jesus, on a cross! Unlike Peter, Judas despaired of being forgiven for his sins, and went out and committed suicide..self murder!


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