1. HERE IS A VIDEO ABOUT Adventist’s.

  2. Their founder was Ellen White. Their faith worships on Saturday as the Catholics once did. But you know the Catholics and their  flip flop ways?

     How much about Adventists do you comprehend? They have a wide variety of belief within their own group.

4 thoughts on “ADVENTISTS- WHO ARE THEY?”

  1. You are attacking all of the Protestant Churches one by one while always including an insult or an outright..mistake about the Catholic Church with each one. So you are putting us into some pretty good company! Protestants and I disagree with a lot of each other’s doctrines but most that I have met are what they call “born again” Christians. My wife and I can spot them a block away. They always have this silly grin on their face because they know that..Jesus LOVES them! They offer their hands in friendship, we witness to each other, pray with each other, and then we always leave feeling blest by having met them.
    But Catholics want to celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday like..Adventists do? Dave. It was the early Catholic Church that changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday in honor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rising from the dead on..Sunday.


    1. Ore and more protestantssdontt bring a bible to church. At aa Methodist church, during the Lsermon, the pastor asked which commandment hhe rich young ruler oomitteee. I waited Orr a hand to appear none did si I answered the question. Covetousness.


  2. Sounds like a good answer to me Dave. Which commandment was Jesus commanding the Disciple whom He loved to obey in John.19:26-27?


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