Roman Catholic Sign Humor

Oh, no, Kent is eating the fat free abracadabra wafers this time around and I know why. He wants to fit through that eye of a needle.Gee, doc, you were supposed to build your church on Jesus Christ? Didn’t Bishop Sheen tell you that? Sheen once told Schuller that Catholics were considering a drive through confessional, Toot and tell or go to hell. Now that one was pretty good. And they keep a roaming away from the Bible to the catechism. But closed from Easter to Christmas Eve to count all their offerings. If Catholics took a vow of poverty, how come they live in luxury?

New Every Morning is the Love

new every morning is the love is a new hymn to me but one I would like to share with you. Most Church hymnals have about 500 hymns of which only about 1/3 are regularly used. I think new hymns should be added into worship on a regular basis so in time the entire Hymnal is used.

The Formula to Eternal Life

This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. That is the formula to eternal life. Then the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. How is your relationship with God? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior? For that is the Divine recipe for eternal life.