Meditating on His Word

The weather outside is moderating tonight, and I am  relaxed as I study the word of God. If you ever examine just one word in the Bible it will refresh your soul. The Psalmist tells us that EVERY word of God is truth. All of them from Genesis to Revelation. What does the word truth mean to you? Well, God is truth and He is seeking worshippers that will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Did you know that Jesus is the truth? The way and the life as well? O you understand spiritual words? I am studying that concept right now and it is fascinating. The Psalmist has already told us that the entirety of Gods word is truth. But spiritual words interconnect with each other.  John 17:17- Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth. Do you discern the connection?

Add into this rich mixture John 16:13- When He the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth. If the Triune God imparts truth to us, what more do we need?








You Cannot Serve God and Money

IMG_20180226_032214How does Joel Osteen reconcile his wealth with Matthew 6:24? You cannot serve God and money. Yet, he does anyway! Osteen is not alone at this. There are hundreds of Prosperity preachers out there. Ordinary People support these hucksters. They take their money and run or fly in their high-priced Jets. They are literally laughing all the way to the bank at your expense. According to the Bible a pastor must not be greedy for money. The Prosperity Gospel stays away from the New Testament and uses prosperity verses from the Old Testament. The reason why is simple. The word prosperity is not found even once in the New Testament. What it all boils down to is that the people that support them are biblically illiterate. They have no discernment whatsoever. These pastors that bilk their congregations have a warm place in Hell reserved for them. Since IMG_20180226_085636Prosperity preyers love the Old Testament so, hear these words from Zephaniah 1:18. Neither there silver Nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s Wrath. And that is the end game for those of the Prosperity Gospel.

I Stand on the Word of God: What about You?

Recently I have engaged in “comment” debate with Brooke and Amanda who hold anti biblical views about homosexuality and politics. I have tried to show them the biblical viewpoint of each which they both rejected. They seem quite content to hold on to their humanistic viewpoints and they attacked the Christian standard. How did I view that?/ I stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Amanda and Brooke stand on sinking sand. Which would you prefer?