Last year when the Mormon First President was in Rome he signed a  seal of agreement with Pope Francis as has Rick Warren, Islam, and Buddhism. The one world church is slowly forming via Chrislam. It would be most interesting to learn what’s actually stated in these seals of agreement.

What does the Bible say in response?

Pentecostals: The Wild Bunch

Self-control is a fruit of the spirit and it’s rarely found in Pentecostal churches. Once again going against scripture. Benny Hinn practices mesmerism taken straight from the founder of Pentecostalism Phineas T Quimby. Like it or not Pentecostals are merely a branch of New Thought. How much is Pentecostalism following that verse? Heidi Baker spends half her time on the floor either rolling about or in some type of seizure position on the floor. She is one of the most demonic leaders of the Pentecostal faith doing almost everything apart from scripture. Amen and amen!

Are You a Wise Man for Believing a Manger Myth? I

maxresdefault Are you aware that Christmas is a pagan holiday? Initially it was to worship the sun god and not the son of God. If you were in school and said the manager myth was real you would probably get an F for a grade. The wise men were never at the manger. Those that put them in the manger are unwise. The gospel of Matthew records that the wise men came to the house where Jesus was. House, not the manger. King Herod planned to kill all male children 2 years and younger. Matthew says that the wise men came to the house where the young child was. Child, not baby. In truth the wise men were not as smart as they thought they were because it took them 2 years to get to the Christ child. They were never in the manger scene. And this is but one mistake of the Christmas season and we shall get to all of them in due time. Also the number of wise men is in question. We deduce that the three gifts offered to the Christ child were from three men but the Bible never says that. A Christian Carol does as the title says We three kings of Orient Are. Could the are be “Are Wrong”? So what kind of wise man are you now in light of all this evidence? Oh yes, there’s only 6 more months till Christmas to get all those gifts under the tree. As to the tree well, I’ll save that for another time.

The Doctrine of The Three Little Pigs

Our characters in the story are the two prodigal pigs, the wise Pig, and the bad rap wolf. The Three Little Pigs set out to build their homes. The wise Pig began to build a strong Foundation for his brick home. The two prodigal pigs chose not to build solid homes and just put their homes together with wood, hay, and straw. They were done in no time and began singing and dancing. Meanwhile the bad rap wolf came down from the forest looking for bacon. He saw the two prodigal pigs singing and dancing and began chasing them. They ran into their quickly built homes. The wolf huffed and puffed and blew both of their homes down. The two prodigal pigs hustled to their brother’s house and ran inside locking the door behind them. The bad rap wolf stood outside and huffed and puffed and puffed and huffed but he could not blow The Brick House Down. The wolf then looked upward but not in prayer. He spotted the chimney and thought of another way into the house. Just like Satan for when he cannot get direct access to us he looks upwards to our minds. He began to snicker as he climbed up to the roof and then lowered himself into the chimney with thoughts of bacon and ham in his memory. What he did not know was that the wise Pig had a cauldron of hot water below. In a few seconds the Wolf shot up the chimney like a missile holding his backsides. He ran back into the forest howling. The two prodigal pigs again began singing and dancing. The wise pig waved his finger at them saying, take heed on how you build your foundation. Wood, hay, and straw didn’t cut it. As the wise Pig served up dinner the two prodigal pigs asked what they were having? the wise Pig smiled saying, why rump roast of course. The moral of this story is take heed on how you build your foundation. If it isn’t built on Jesus Christ it will not last.

The 3 Stooges

Here we have Jesse Duplantis, John Hagee, and Benny Hinn. Why John Hagee is with these two farces is beyond me. Evil company corrupts good habits. Why Benny Hinn is still in Ministry is a mystery to me? He had an affair with Paula White and a minister is to have a good testimony to those who are outside the body of Christ. Hinn does not have a good testimony so why is he a pastor? Then you have Jesse Duplantis, the Milton Berle of religion. His ministry likes to get a lot of laughs but what he doesn’t know is that he is the biggest joke of them all. Then we have John Hagee. Some have called him anti-Semitic. Of the three he is into the Bible the most but with a jaded View of the scriptures. All these three are there by guilt of Association. Hagee, though, is somewhat biblical unlike the other two but he has a few drops of poison in what he preaches. And a few drops of poison can kill you. Maybe they should all go on TV at the real Three Stooges with Hagee as Curly Duplantis as Larry and Hinn as Moe?