Accuser of the BRETHREN

I have been challenged because I have been accused of accusing the brethren known as the Roman Catholic Church. The fly in the oatmeal is that the Roman Catholic Church are not my brethren. My Jesus Christ was sacrificed once for all and doesn’t have to be sacrificed weekly by the way of a wafer. My Jesus Christ said do not harm little children. The Roman Catholic Church has harmed thousands of children over the last three centuries and covered it up which make them look even more guilty. My Jesus Christ is against homosexuality and adultery. Jesus told the woman at the well go and sin no more. The pope tells his people go and sin all you want as we will move you from Parish to Parish. My Jesus Christ is against homosexuality while the Roman Catholic Jesus Christ is also against homosexuality except for the clergy who can practice it all they want with no penalty. My Jesus Christ never said his mother Mary was sinless. The Catholic Jesus Christ believe Mary was sinless. There are so many differences between my Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Jesus Christ that I cannot call them brethren. My Jesus Christ would have handled the sexual abuse scandal by immediately confessing that they were wrong, and turned over the guilty parties to public authorities. I can’t be accused of calling the Roman Catholic brethren when they are not.

Opening the Denominational Box

The denominational Church box has been opened all with man-made founders and each with their own identifying name. I’m glad I attend a bible-based church with no denominational ties and no denominational founder. In fact, that’s just what the Apostle Paul suggested by Holy Spirit inspiration. Now what do we find flying out of Pandora’s Box? The only true church, magic underwear, the book of common prayer, The Book of Mormon, science and health with key to the scriptures, the Watchtower, infant baptism, paid Ministry, acceptance of homosexuals, and the list goes on and on. Paul said we should all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions Among Us. Did the denominational church ever go astray? Human founders produce Church flounders.


Pope. What exactly are the resources of Satan? CHRISTIAN SCIENCE-  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. ISLAM- The Koran. MORMONISM- The Book of Mormon,  The Doctrine and Covenants.  and The Pearl of Great Price, JEHOVAHS WITNESSES- The Watchtower ROMAN CATHOLIC- Church Canon, Catechism, Traditions, Abracadabra, and The Whatever They Come Up With Next.

And I have  a great many more too! I’ve got to get you all a set of these Mormon Magic Undies. Is it me? Is it really me? And fire retardant too? Hmmmm? Undies for all of you!