Put a Muzzle on Lori Bakker

Jim Bakker fake crying. What are you complaining about? I have to hear that continual uh uh uh for my entire show. Pretty soon I’ll be offering a Jim Baker muzzle for free.

Lori Graham Bakker

“Amen uh uh uh oh my uh uh uh. Yes Jim uh uh uh uh. Yes I once had 5 abortions. Uh uh uh uh uh”. I once saw a guest on the show put an imaginary gun to his head during one of her many uh sessions on the show. I’ve never heard so much intelligent talk out of her mouth before. Lori Bakker is the perfect uh uh machine. The best thing that show could do to increase ratings would be to muzzle her. And maybe a spare one for Jim too. Plus a final muzzle for Tammy Sue especially when she gets up to sing. I would think that the Jim Bakker Show is equal in ratings to the test pattern on most Networks.

Immigration and Assimilation- 2

Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution of the United States states that the United States is a republic and not a democracy. America is governed by the Constitution supposedly. Islamic immigrants to our country demand that Shahira law accompany them to our Shores. If they desire that law so much, why did they leave their native country to come to America? Assimilation plays a key role in immigration. One’s cultural aspects may be blended into our system but not one’s cultural laws for we have our own laws governed by the Constitution of the United States. If you opt for your own legal system why would you come to America? A cultural blend adds to America’s culture but we don’t need a new legal code as our constitution stands apart quite nicely. It covers our means of governance. English should also be a requirement for citizenship. Immigrants need to acclimate to our governance and not the other way around. They need to blend into our society adding what they can to make it better. America is a nation of immigrants but only according to our governance and according to our constitution as nothing else will do.

What does the Bible say about Illegal Immigration?-

Are you familiar with this poem? It is found on the Statue of Liberty Overlooking New York Harbor. Give me your tired your poor. What does this mean according to the laws of the land? Can any country take in the immigrants of the entire world without limitation or restraint? The Bible is quite clear on immigration. But largely under the law.

Mishpat is a Hebrew word for rule-of-law. That means that immigration must be connected to law and that the term illegal immigration must be addressed. What does the word illegal mean? Not according to law. Every Sovereign Nation has laws otherwise it becomes a lawless Nation. The United States, for example, has a process for immigration under the laws of the land. My grandparents came into the United States from Lithuania under proper immigration law. They just didn’t come here and claim they were citizens. They had to go through the process of becoming citizens. Every Sovereign Nation deals with this issue. Can you imagine a country like Romania taking in every single immigrantsii in the world? The United States has laws to deal with immigration in the proper format. Even our country has limits to what they can do. Yet when immigrants cross the border illegally they should not be imprisoned in cages but should be dealt with humanely.

The Democratic Party wants open borders so perhaps they should bear the responsibility of adopting an immigrant family until they can feed and clothe themselves and support themselves lawfully. Has this ever been addressed by our country? One difficulty is there would be a language barrier at first. Reeducation at an older age can be difficult. There are also cultural differences to be considered. I will go into more of that in part 2.


I really think Catholics enjoy  being unbiblical because that puts the light of persecution upon them. They are being biblical though by their own abracadabra definitions of words only they understand. Confuscious should be their leader. Do you see the heresy here? All this Mary goddess stuff is sickening to me. The bottom line is That the Catholics do not want Holy Spirit truth because He doesn’t teach lies. Catholics prefer the abracadabra touch which justifies what they do. Now even Confuscious is scratching his head.


The great and powerful Catechism is quoted here in the third graphic regarding Mary. You will not find that in the Bible.    The Catholics just have to include Mary everywhere. Some say she is actually more of an intercessory than a mediator. Really?Ouch! Now Catholics are bent on replacing the Holy Spirit. That’s His role!

The Wall- 3

Nehemiah had faced opposition to his wall from the very beginning. But this was not his wall but rather God’s wall. And despite all the opposition that faced him he finished that task in 62 days! The next obstacle before him was insinuation. There was a letter smear campaign instigated against him. Yes even in those days. But Nehemiah was undaunted in his efforts to Build That Wall feeling that it was his calling by God to do so. He also faced temptation. There was a time that he wanted to turn from his work to untangle the intrigue, to take time to undo the innuendo, to flee from the intimidation that faced him, and a fight against hidden insinuations. Through all that he finished that wall in the remarkable time of 62 days because it was what God wanted. Only a man of God could complete a task like that with everything that was coming against him. When you get bogged down in all the distractions coming against you in whatever you were called to do remember Nehemiah and the struggles he faced in following God’s will. To God give the glory!

The Wall- 2

This was the remains of Nehemiah’s Great Wall. Remember the Great Wall between East and West Germany? Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev, tear down that wall! And down it came. How about the Great Wall of China? That magnificent structure has withstood time itself. And it boggles the imagination as to how it was constructed in the first place. Then there’s a wall between Israel and the Palestinian state. Every time a wall is built resistance comes before it just as it has in the United States today. Pope Francis was highly critical of Trumps wall. However Pope Francis himself is a hypocrite. Why? Because his own Vatican City is surrounded by walls! In part 3, I’ll show you how Nehemiah finish the wall in just 62 days.