Catholics DO worship MARY by giving her inappropriate names such as queen of heaven. Mary only speaks four times in the Bible and is mentioned by name 5 times in Matthew,  one time in Mark, 12 times in Luke, one time in Acts, and zero times in John or Peter. Peter never mentions her even once in his two epistles. 

But examine how much artwork and statues are found of Mary in your churches! BREAKING NEWS! Roman Catholics need to comprehend that Christ is no longer an infant but the Son of God. Oh, a quote from the great and powerful Catechism that supports Mary as co- redeemer  of GOD.  Abracadabra! More Mary infusion and confusion next time.




The Wall- 1

The United States of America is now considering putting in a wall across the southern border of the country to keep illegal aliens out. Nehemiah was also known as a wall Builder. He had unique problems in constructing this wall. First he faced intrigue. His people raised doubts about this wall. It sounds similar today to what president Trump is facing. The people of Nehemiah’s day instilled doubts but he felt called God to build the wall. His job was not to give the people details about the wall but to build it. Next Nehemiah faced questions about his motives for building the wall. He was continually distracted in this regard. He also felt intimidated by the people. But an essence he was wearing the full armor of God as Ephesians 6 describes. All this while facing a deadline to put this wall up to protect the very people that were fighting against him. Would he finish this wall in time? For that answer you’ll have to wait until part 2.

Jim Bakker vs Jesus Christ

This is Jim Bakker speaking to you from Morningside. Today I understand that Jesus Christ will be making one statement but first I would like to talk about my survival food that you will be needing in the dark times ahead. If I were you I would stock up with the seven year plan. Ben Franklin said that we should be prepared. Boy Scouts say that too and I should know because I was once a den mother. Be prepared for what’s coming. Now I know my food is overpriced and doesn’t have the best taste but it will sustain you through the Great Tribulation. Now I Think Jesus would like to say something.

Wow! That blows my whole gig! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before? Just like in my first Advent I had never seen Matthew 6:24 before. I think Matthew was against me. Sufficient for the day is the troubles there in? Do not worry about tomorrow? Ben Franklin says we should plan ahead! What am I to do?

This is outrageous! How can I counter Jesus’ words? What about all those words I studied in prison? Could I be wrong and Jesus right?



The evidence is overwhelming to those with eyes to see. And not only worship but IDOL worship! Of course Catholics call it something else because they are experts at redefining word to fit their definitions. How do they do this? But there’s even more to this sickness as you shall see in Part Two.







Taiwan Shoe Church

If you want to put your best foot forward you might want to attend Taiwan’s Shoe Church. Even if you are a heel you are welcome here but only if you’re planning to get married. This church will be for weddings only. I have a link to this church in Taiwan. the shoe Church Needless to say, this is a tourist attraction. It’s Made of Glass and steel. You don’t have to go to Oxford to attend here and even loafers are welcome. Oh yes, if you’re planning to get married here you might want to wear blue high heels just to match the decor.


When Christ was teaching, learned adults, none of which were Catholics as they were intent more in coping pagan religion, were listening to Him. Can you imagine Christ as an athlete?  He’s pitched six perfect games already and scored 100 Points in his first basketball game. But, if they were looking to sign him up, He was out on a mountain somewhere talking to God.

W hen was Jesus actually born? Luke  2:2 provided the perfect clue. Quirnius was governing twice but in his first time was when Christ was born in 4BC. That would make his death 33 Years later in 29 AD.

A great many people little realize that his public ministry began in about 26 AD and only lasted three years . That seemed to be the age of accountability. I would be interested in any other SCRIPTURAL evidence of the youth of Jesus Christ.   

How did the Election Prophecy by Mark Taylor Turn Out?

Mark Taylor predicted Republicans would sweep the house and the Senate. He was half right as they did win the Senate. But to be able to have his prediction come true on the house, he would have to sign on as custodian there and sweep the floor to make his prediction accurate. What does the Bible say about those that made false prophecies?

Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. Mark Taylor more times than not follows his own spirit and sees nothing. But he has a daily television program and he has to look like he’s a real prophet. Maybe his crystal ball is out of order? This guy is a first class shyster.

Zodiac and the Bible: Part 2

Are the 12 signs of the Zodiac for Christians? Absolutely Not! The Bible continually warns against astrology and the Zodiac. Horoscopes and psychics are not for the body of Christ. Psychics Will be rare in heaven But Very well done in hell. . In 2nd Kings 23:5 the word for planets means the 12 signs of the Zodiac in Hebrew. This is what King Josiah rid the land of along with astrology. Despite the clear warning in scripture the Roman Catholic Church still worships The sun god. What Josiah rid the land of Roman Catholics relish. In Catholic Schools out fundraisers they often have a fortuneteller. What nonsense! Forsake these worthless idols Then return to the living God.