The Lone Catholic by Clay

By the way of introduction I’m the Lone Catholic. How! Aside from me, no other actual Catholic exists today.

Snoto is in Washington DC on heap big assignment.

 I  say I Know the truth but I don’t. That’s why I carry these six guns. Someday I mighty have to shoot my brains out and that would be pretty lite target practice. All my fellow Catholics are convinced that Satan operates our church. I’m not convinced yet and until my son is sodomized I won’t be. I really know Christ is not myf Rock but I have to pretend because I want to fit in with this apostate Asrgroup. It will give me greater favor with the priest. He is my son’s coach in basketball and my son will get more playing time if I cutie up to him. I do wonder why no other Catholics are standing up for the faith? Last night someone asked me why I wear a mask and I told him that if he had a face like mine he’d wear masks to. Maybe in time I’ll take my mask off and be real with people. Until then the lonely Catholics Rides Again. Until I get saddle sore

2 thoughts on “The Lone Catholic by Clay”

  1. I, the Catholic here, give you scripture and reason. You, the Anti Catholic here, give me insults and Anti- Catholic stereotypes. Let us continue to give each other the best that our two religions have to offer!


    1. You’re a scripture about Peter in Acts 15 refers to his witness with two gentiles in the house of Cornelius. That’s not being a witness to the Gentiles as that is what Paul did


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