International Babystudents

This is a typical Belgian baby student doing some research. They completely ignore the warnings of scripture. I don’t think they’ve ever read Ezekiel 3 or 33 or Matthew 23 or Ephesians where it says, have no Fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them. I wonder what they think expose then means? Ezekiel 13 and Jeremiah 23 warn of false prophets as does the majority of the Old Testament. From one of my friends I am told that they have done a hatchet job on this Ministry as the Pharisees tried with Jesus. I was hoping for some traffic for that article but so far I’ve only had one hit. Maybe the babystudents are sleeping? I really don’t want to wake them up because they get grouchy when awakened. They obviously can’t read well even though our baby Biblestudent does have glasses. The title of our ministry involves exposing Cults. It would seem they would rather let error go by while saying nothing. They had better read Ezekiel 3 + 33. Maybe they can do that after milk and cookie time.

10 thoughts on “International Babystudents”

  1. Excellent article David. People that are involved in cults are blinded. Jesus said that if the blind leads the blind both fall into a ditch. You are trying to throw a Lifeline to them and they throw it back in your face. I read your comments and they are anything but positive. Why do you publish their comments at all? My guess is out of fairness but are they fair to you?


    1. I publish their comments out of courtesy. Even though they tend to be long-winded they still deserve to be heard at least for now. When they deny the Triune godhead they are apostates of the faith.


  2.’ve learned a lot from you about this group and other groups. I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness until the molesting stuff started at our building. My husband told me that we were leaving. This Belgian group sound similar to the JW’s. I am now in a Baptist Church and we are learning more about Jesus than ever before. Thank you for exposing these groups. I also enjoy your Bible studies here and the music is no and the music is magnificent


    1. Jade, I firmly believe that God sent them delusion. Jeremiah says, they have rejected the word so what wisdom do they have? Groups like this reject the Triune God and so they have no wisdom whatsoever. They do need our prayers but at times God tells us not to pray for people. I have an article on that a few days ago. Bible study needs to brush up on their truth decay.


    1. I’m not really sure what they would say. They would probably view that topic as negative. I don’t think Belgian flowers have any weeds. They sure don’t understand the principle of agriculture. I don’t think they talk about those things on their website. I don’t plan to visit there because why would I want to read about lies.


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