Zodiac and the Bible: Part 1

Mazzaroth is found in the book of Job. It is the first of two instances mentioning the concept of the Zodiac. If you examine Strongs Concordance you will find this. Christians have no Business dabbling In the Zodiac. What accord has light with darkness? From 2nd Corinthians 6:15. In part two, I will provide even more compelling evidence.

International Babystudents

This is a typical Belgian baby student doing some research. They completely ignore the warnings of scripture. I don’t think they’ve ever read Ezekiel 3 or 33 or Matthew 23 or Ephesians where it says, have no Fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them. I wonder what they think expose then means? Ezekiel 13 and Jeremiah 23 warn of false prophets as does the majority of the Old Testament. From one of my friends I am told that they have done a hatchet job on this Ministry as the Pharisees tried with Jesus. I was hoping for some traffic for that article but so far I’ve only had one hit. Maybe the babystudents are sleeping? I really don’t want to wake them up because they get grouchy when awakened. They obviously can’t read well even though our baby Biblestudent does have glasses. The title of our ministry involves exposing Cults. It would seem they would rather let error go by while saying nothing. They had better read Ezekiel 3 + 33. Maybe they can do that after milk and cookie time.

Peter Wears the Dunce Cap

Three times in Mark Jesus told of his coming death to his 12 disciples Peter among them. The same Peter that’s some Roman Catholics believe was given the church even though he didn’t understand what the gospel was at the time. Like the others he was in the dark. Peter even rebuked Jesus over this. Got tired of wearing the dunce cap I suppose.

At this time the 12 disciples were a little dense. They had no idea what Christ was talking about just like my friend Kent doesn’t. Well I gave him a question about what the gospel is and he had no idea and I had to show him 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.

Peter is the church and doesn’t understand the gospel message? Don’t fret because Paul does know it as Christ gave it to him directly. Who is that in the corner now? I think I saw the Apostle Peter pouting. No that isn’t Peter but it is Kent.

The Lone Catholic by Clay

By the way of introduction I’m the Lone Catholic. How! Aside from me, no other actual Catholic exists today.

Snoto is in Washington DC on heap big assignment.

 I  say I Know the truth but I don’t. That’s why I carry these six guns. Someday I mighty have to shoot my brains out and that would be pretty lite target practice. All my fellow Catholics are convinced that Satan operates our church. I’m not convinced yet and until my son is sodomized I won’t be. I really know Christ is not myf Rock but I have to pretend because I want to fit in with this apostate Asrgroup. It will give me greater favor with the priest. He is my son’s coach in basketball and my son will get more playing time if I cutie up to him. I do wonder why no other Catholics are standing up for the faith? Last night someone asked me why I wear a mask and I told him that if he had a face like mine he’d wear masks to. Maybe in time I’ll take my mask off and be real with people. Until then the lonely Catholics Rides Again. Until I get saddle sore


If prayer to Mary is unbiblical, why do Catholics do it?

That is simple, because Catholics are unbiblical. Worse yet by praying to Mary and the saints, they are unbiblical by practicing idolatry and necromancy. Catholics love to do things that are not found in the Bible. They add things into the word of God. By the word of man. But didn’t Peter say, We ought to obey God and not man. Must have been some other Peter? I am certain

1 Cor. 4:6. that you may learn not to go beyond the things which are written A. 1 Corinthians 4:6 – that you may learn not to go beyond the things which are written – beyond. Paul writing to Christians and he is well aware that people are coming in the church trying to teach all different kinds of things (mix old and new laws). And here he says, you need to stick to what has been written down as God’s holy Word. Do exactly what the word says, do nothing beyond what the word teaches. – we learn this idea of not going beyond the law as young people. John don’t go there, don’t do that – God says to His children: don’t go here, don’t do this, don’t go beyond what I have taught you.

Catholics really hate these verses but not as much as this one. This verse really bugs Catholics. And it should!  Even The Holy Spirit Acts on our behalf when we don’t know what to pray for. I  think the Catholics better come on the biblical side of scripture.

Is Heidi Baker Demon Possessed?

Nowhere in the Bible does it record anything close to the display that Heidi Baker puts forth for IHOP. God is not the author of confusion. Heidi Baker is the author of confusion. In this video listen to her bizarre laughter which is very spooky to me. I’ve never heard anything like it in church. Heidi Baker She is very big in Africa where the gospel is very distorted. She even complains the terrorists are about to capture her. Two hours with Baker and the terrorists would turn themselves in seeking psychiatric help. I fully believe this woman is demon possessed. Little Wonder the real IHOP changed its name to IHOB. That’s the International House of Burger’s. Even more amazing Mike Bickle approved her appearance there.