TD Jakes Now FOR Gay Churches

I wonder what Bible TD Jakes is reading out of? The Bible in both Testaments condemns homosexuality but Jake says his position on the issue is evolving. Well, Jake’s can evolve his position right back into the swamp. This is an embarrassment to the body of Christ. Jesus told the adulterer at the well that he did not condemn her but at the same time he told her go and sin no more. Jake’s would disagree with Jesus on this. But should Christians really judge another?

God judges those outside the body of Christ but Christians are to judge those inside the body. Even those homosexuals that claim to be in the body of Christ when they are not. Romans 1:30 says that homosexuals are haters of God and Romans 1:32 says to those that approve of them they are worthy of death. How can TD Jakes support them when the Bible says they will not inherit the Kingdom of God? This is just further Evidence that Jake’s is an apostate. And it is further Evidence that mankind is straying further and further away from the word of God.

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