The Reprobate Hillsong Church

The Hillsong Church has gone completely reprobate as they have an active homosexual leading the choir, support abortion and homosexual marriage, had a nude preacher at a woman’s conference, and Don’t Preach much from that old book about Moses. Yet like so many other false churches today they bring in the masses. And speaking of masses they conduct Roman Catholic Services perhaps because they Shield pedophile ministers. It makes me wonder why they would even support Roman Catholic masses? Catholics are against abortion and supposedly homosexuality even though 80% of them are homosexuals speaking of the leadership. How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him But if Baal then follow him and that is from 1st Kings 18:21.

Pentecostal Preyers

There are many foolish Prophets among the Pentecostals. Instead of being Holy Spirit fed, they follow their own spirit and have seen nothing. Instead they follow a different spirit which has nothing at all to do with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads to scripture whereas the different spirit is fueled by feelings. Feelings have nothing to do with truth. That is why Pentecostals Whip It Up into an emotional Frenzy where they believe they can get away with just about anything. The Pentecostal gimmick that they use the most is, Thus saith the Lord. The prophet Ezekiel takes that up here. You’re saying, the Lord says, when God has not spoken. That to me is close to blasphemy. People are being snookered into thinking that these people are speaking for God when they aren’t. That is why they’re prophecy rate is about 20% accuracy. If it was truly from God, it would be one hundred percent accuracy. Why can’t the Pentecostal audience see through this charade? God tells them because they have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies indeed that God is against them now. The Pentecostal audience should consider Ezekiel 14:10. The punishment of the prophet SHALL BE THE SAME as the punishment of the one who inquired. Consider well!

Uncle Ted Defrocked by Pope Francis

For years of abuse of children and young men Pope Francis has defrocked Cardinal Theodore Mccarrick from the Roman Catholic Church. Uncle Ted as he like to be called by those he abused is now 88 and in retirement. His penalty is that he will no longer be able to celebrate Mass and other sacraments. What? That’s it? He should be in prison like any other persons accused of that crime and found guilty. The cover-up continues. All this on the Eve of the coming conference on sexual abuse convened by Pope Francis later this month. Former Cardinal Mccarrick should be thrilled that he doesn’t have to celebrate Mass anymore. This is not Justice for the boys that called him Uncle Ted. If it had been a Catholic parishioner that abused children sexually they would be in prison now. That is the Justice of the Roman Catholic Church. Justice never goes forth for the wicked surround the righteous therefore perverse judgement proceeds.

President Trump and the State of the Union

I would like to start my State of the Union Address with my favorite verse in the Bible which, this Mrs Pelosi, is in the Bible. I know you thought your favorite verse was in the Bible but it wasn’t. Tells us a little about you doesn’t it. My favorite verse is

You might even say about that verse that it permits the Donald to blow his own trumpet every now and then which I am known to do on occasion. I have referred Mrs Pelosi as a bipartisan gesture to the Moody Bible Institute for Bible instruction. I thought you might be an inspiration to the 5th graders there. I have entitled my message tonight in honor of Mrs Pelosi to be

Of course there will never be another one like me. I say that in all due modesty. As for the wall I would like to ask Mrs Pelosi and members of her party why they wanted a wall under Barack Obama but not me. It sounds a little fishy to me America? As for the State of the Union the economy couldn’t be greater but after all isn’t that my motto? Make America great again? We’re doing well on all fronts except for having Super Bowl winners come to the White House. The Patriots are showing that they aren’t very patriotic. They would rather be with Barack and I completely understand that. He needs some people to like him these days. Tom Brady voted for me and yet his team isn’t showing up which shows me he doesn’t have much team leadership. Soon the North Korean leader and I will be meeting again to discuss the Korean peninsula. I want an update on how he’s cheating again. As for Russia I will be meeting with Mr Putin in the near future to discuss infrastructure and their elevated systems. It will be brought to you by a Subway sandwich shops. They’re looking for a new spokesman and why not myself in all due modesty? Next I would like to discuss global warming even though last week I was freezing to death in Washington DC. Global warming huh? I would like to also discuss an Extinction of the species namely the Democratic Party who have come to be made known as the obstructionist party. There’s Chuck taking a few bows for that. I see Miss Cortez here tonight but I’m not sure why she is bound and gagged? It’s good to see you tonight with your mouth closed for a change. See Nancy, miracles do happen. if you want to know where Miracles are found in the Bible see me after this presentation. I will have more to say in the second part of my state of the union which you can get on pay-for-view that will help me pay for my wall. Until then God Bless America and how excellent I’m doing these days.

A Different Gospel

A different gospel. If we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel then what we have preached let him be accursed. That is what the Bible says. Read Galatians 1 for more. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and all Pentecostal churches that believe in an Acts 29 are accursed for presenting a different gospel that perverts the gospel of Christ. They are like the little boy in Oliver as all they want is some more. I once visited a United Church of Christ which taught that the Holy Spirit should be known as the force that is with you. Holy Star Wars Batman. The church is giving way to a lot of different spirits over the years. The Holy Spirit expressly says that in latter days some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils which is found in 1st Timothy 4:1. Avoid any church that gives you a different gospel from a different spirit.