God Doesn’t Send us a Spirit of Fear but Jim Bakker Does

If God doesn’t send us a spirit of fear who does? Well it could be the prince of the power of the air or even Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker’s Show on television is constantly warning about things to come that rarely happen. He brings on Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to con us with one of his frequent books and other guest speakers that love to speculate. Plus every 10 minutes you get a commercial about his survival food. Thinking about his survival food makes me fearful. His food is expensive when you consider shipping and handling on top of what he charges for the food. God gives us love, power, and a sound mind. Jim Bakker gives you fear, Reliance on his ministry, and an unsound mind. The best thing you can do when Jim Bakker’s Show comes on is channel surf.

Heaven’s Tammy Faye, my food has given me gas and it’s clearing out the studio. Lori? Well what do you expect? I’m 80 years old. Get me some Pepto bismo and stop saying uh after every word I say.

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