A Formula for Prayer: J-O-Y !

big_thumbh Did you know there was a formula for good prayer? The J is for Jesus. Begin your prayer with the worship of Jesus Christ and all that he has done for you in your life. The O is for others. Pray for the significant others in your life or for anyone in general that may need prayer. The Y is for yourself. Pray for your needs and for the Lord to help you in your weaknesses. This is a method for successful prayer and also to find joy in your life. Prayer is a little like eating salted peanuts. The more you eat the more you like it. Therefore the more you pray it will become a regular routine for you and enrich your life at the same time.

Who Created Christmas?

That’s an easy question. The Roman Catholics did in 304 AD. Well, not exactly. The Roman Catholics created Christ’s Mass. Yes, The Roman Catholics did add a few more by Traditions such as. Wow! Holy holidays Batman! Mary worship indeed! To be fair, the Roman Catholics are not Alone in this As denominational Land has Followed Its dubious leader into apostasy. Christmas is actually a pagan festival where The sun god is worshipped. Roman Catholics just transformed it into what they wanted it to be. How? Does ALACADABRA ring a bell?gTalk about mass confusion! Did you know?   TThat rather says it all. The Roman Catholics manufactured a pagan holiday and colored it with Catholic crayons.


Is the North America Man Boy Love Association still involved with the RCC? For the most part, no. The oldest church has finally discovered the spiritual gift of discernment. Some priests are still involved with but the number is less than 1%. The number of bishops involved is about 4%. They are the ones who moved offending priests around for up to 40 years. And, with those low numbers they’re Still doing it.

HOW could the RCC BEEN SO ASLEEP AS TO ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN? If you believe NAMBLA hasn’t changed and rewritten it’s playbook are naive or stupid.

What is the One Baptism of Ephesians 4:4?

IMG_20180217_161702For the body of Christ there is but one baptism. Above you can find a multitude of baptisms. So, what is the one baptism of Ephesians 4:4? And the winner is; envelope please.c5b7ea663cb6cf814c92676806a7a2c0Why not water baptism? Water baptism is accomplished through human Administration. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is by the Triune godhead. That occurs when you place your faith in Jesus Christ making him your lord and savior. At that point, the Holy Spirit begins operating within you. And his operation is massive.e963af7ba990afc584344112b9e833d4If you are counting there are 33 operations of the Holy Spirit within you. How many of them you choose to activate is up to you. My favorite scripture about the Holy Spirit is in 1st Corinthians 2. The Holy Spirit teaches comparing spiritual things with spiritual. Wow! That becomes some operation! Why not accept Jesus Christ into your heart right now and allow the Holy Ghost to begin his operation in you?

God Doesn’t Send us a Spirit of Fear but Jim Bakker Does

If God doesn’t send us a spirit of fear who does? Well it could be the prince of the power of the air or even Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker’s Show on television is constantly warning about things to come that rarely happen. He brings on Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to con us with one of his frequent books and other guest speakers that love to speculate. Plus every 10 minutes you get a commercial about his survival food. Thinking about his survival food makes me fearful. His food is expensive when you consider shipping and handling on top of what he charges for the food. God gives us love, power, and a sound mind. Jim Bakker gives you fear, Reliance on his ministry, and an unsound mind. The best thing you can do when Jim Bakker’s Show comes on is channel surf.

Heaven’s Tammy Faye, my food has given me gas and it’s clearing out the studio. Lori? Well what do you expect? I’m 80 years old. Get me some Pepto bismo and stop saying uh after every word I say.