Leviticus Chiasm

Historical Reasons: It gives the historical background for the remainder of the Bible. Theological Reasons: It establishes such principles as redemption and sacrifice. Religious Reasons: It teaches us about worship.

How about a Leviticus chiasm to finish our examination of this fascinating book? The centerpiece of Leviticus is the day of atonement. Remarkable!

The Democratic Party is Anti-Christian


This is the two party platform as to what they believe in. The Democratic party is pro-choice. God is pro-life. Therefore the Democratic party is not in compliance with God. How do we know this to be true?

If it had been up to the Democratic party Jeremiah would not have been born. Listen to the word of God. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. What about what Psalm 139:16 has to say?

How does the Democratic party line up with this verse?

If you’re a member of the Democratic Party and you are a Christian that means you are against God when you favor abortion. We ought to obey God and not men. How can any Christian Democrat call themselves Christian when they are part and portion of the murder of innocent babies. If you’re a Democrat, you’re putting leaders in that support pro-choice which is anti-god according to the scriptures.

If I were you, and you being a Democrat, I would think about what God has to say about abortion before you enter the voting booth.


Everyday a child altar boy is being raped somewhere in the world by a priest. That being said, maybe there is a devil operating the Catholic church. Who would say such a thing? How about the Holy Spirit?

Forbidding to marry is a doctrine of devils. It is according  to 1st Timothy 4:1. Another Catholic failing.


Ye Who Are Spiritual

I’ve often wondered why the Catholic Church lacks discernment. I think it’s because they base their whole faith on peter Being the rock. This is the same Peter that rebuked Jesus Christ about his gospel. Jesus Christ then told him that Satan must get behind him. Peter was also told by Jesus Christ not to go to the Gentiles in Matthew 10 and Gal. 2:7,8,9. Peter had a habit of not obeying the lord. He later Denied Jesus Christ 3 times After saying he would not. If we deny Jesus, he will deny us. Not a very good representative for the church of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul was the representative to the Gentiles and Catholics can’t understand that. The Lord himself commissioned Paul to be a chosen vessel to the Gentiles in Acts 9. No Discernment in studying the Bible. They Cannot compare spiritual things with spiritual. Even in their mangers The Catholics have the shepherds and the Wiseman their at the same time. As a spiritual person myself I cannot be judged by anyone especially by those with no spiritual discernment.

Hymn Books

15819-PR11693 Large Print Hymn Books-1A few months ago I started to download hymns from small church music on the internet. I think I downloaded about a hundred and sixty of them. Those are my favorite hymns and they were all played on the pipe organ. Then I got to thinking about hymn books and about how many churches play the same hymns over and over again. Each Church selects a certain number of hymns each year however hymn books usually have about 500 hymns in them. I then wondered why I only selected 160 hymns and didn’t want to learn any new ones? So I began downloading songs I had never heard of before. After all each hymn is praise to God. Maybe churches ought to practice the same thing? Of the three hymns each week, why not select a brand new hymn each week until all five hundred have been used? Just a thought.

Jim Bakker Survival Food

This stuff should be called pale Fiesta. It looks good when it’s made on television but here’s what it looks like in real life.

This stuff will really stick to your ribs because it sticks to the pan and the spoon. I would hate to have to wash the pans after this stuff is in it. Now I know why they call them SOS pads. Is that save our stomachs? And this stuff isn’t cheap! It’s very expensive. Not only do you have to buy the food but the shipping charges are outrageous. But then you have the leftover container which Bakker’s says you can use for a commode. The real outrageous thing is why anyone is listening to Jim Bakker in the first place who swindled people out of millions of dollars at Heritage USA. He had sex with a prostitute and went to prison and still didn’t learn anything. This prophecy accuracy rate on television 20%. The man is a fraud and people are still buying into him. Men destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself and not your money. Jim Bakker has to know that he is cheating people. It makes me wonder if he really believes in eternity because his won’t be in heaven. It’s the same way with Jimmy Swaggart who cheats people and lies to them continually and then has tears in the pulpit ant people buy that. Incredible! Here is a video of that survival food of Jim Bakker