An Assessment of Spiritual Donald Trump

You shall know them by their fruits. What kind of spiritual fruit does Donald Trump produce? Does a multitude of Lies count? Does unfaithfulness to his wife count? Does his unmerited pride count? What about his choice of people he surrounds himself with? It was Paula White who led him to the Lord and she is one of the most corrupt Pentecostal preachers out there. She has been married three times, had an affair with Benny Hinn, asks exorbitant sums of money from her congregation, and is a liar that preaches a false gospel. And this is Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor? He also has Kenneth Copeland as a spiritual advisor who won’t fly commercial because he considers the public a tube of demons. He also is a false preacher. If Donald Trump is learning from false teachers his salvation will be false to.

A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT! An executive like Trump is used to getting his own way in business and for others on his board to carry out his plans along his way of thinking. It is not like the president of the United States. That requires finesse and integrity. Donald Trump runs things his way and those that disagree with him become his enemy. He is like a steamroller and if you don’t agree with his position look out for your lives. Has he done a good job as president? Reasonably so despite a bombardment of negative press and a Democratic Party that tries to obstruct in every way possible. Washington DC was not prepared for a businessman to take over the government. What about the president’s character? In some ways he’s brutally honest and in others is highly deceptive. Someone needs to take that Twitter account away from him. He is not presidential as most of us understand that word. But he is effective in much of what he does. Unlike a lot of presidents he has kept his promises that he made while campaigning. As for the wall the Democrats are being highly hypocritical as 10 years ago they wanted a wall too. Just not on Trump’s watch. I think Trump believes he is spiritual but if he came in under the wings of Paula White I would question what he knows of the Gospel. A president does not have to be spiritual to be effective however Trump uses spirituality more than he believes in it. Without the Pentecostal movement behind him he would not have become president. But what did he promise them? It almost makes me shudder to wonder what? My overall spiritual grade for the president would be a C+. However if you take into account his true spirituality then it would have to be a F. You shall know them by their fruits and his character is sorely lacking in Christian fruit

2 thoughts on “An Assessment of Spiritual Donald Trump”

  1. Maybe we should measure our President Trump’s spirituality by how deeply, how maniacally, the Satanic left hates him! Just the second day of his Presidency he canceled all U.S. federal money that had been paying for foreign abortions. What a great spiritual fruit!


    1. That is true but he continually lies and has affairs and is very arrogant and prideful. God hates Pride. You just can’t place it on one point. He hasn’t changed homosexuality yet after marriage and he hasn’t done anything with Roe versus Wade yet.


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