Homosexuals Aren’t Behind Closed Doors Anymore

This is a very interesting statistic in that the Bible condemns homosexuality in both the Old and the New Testament. Statistics seems to contrast with the Bible itself. I have a link to an article in Time Magazine on this issue homosexuality People who identify themselves with homosexuality were for a long time the silent minority but now they are the Bold minority whereas the church is the silent majority. Today affirming churches openly accept active homosexual members despite Bible warnings to the contrary.

What God intended to be natural marriage between a man and a woman the gay agenda has changed forever. Gay Pride is a double whammy with God according to Ezekiel 16:49. According to Romans 1:30 homosexuals are God haters. How can hitters of God worship Him in church? Homosexuals are also known as the sons of Belial. 2nd Corinthians 6:15 says, what Accord has Christ with Belial? 2nd Samuel 2:10 says that the sons of Eli were sons of Belial. they knew not the Lord. According to the Bible homosexuals do not know the Lord and are God haters so how can they possibly worship the god of the Bible?

Can We Learn Anything From Canada?

This is what Muslims want to do in the United States. They already have certain rights in Canada. As I said before this is a trojan horse coming to the United States. Already we have several Muslims in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Dearborn, Michigan already has Shahira law operating in its community. But if the state police are called in to Dearborn who has the final Authority? The city or the state? Again if Muslims in our country desire to have Shahira Law, why did they come to a free country to begin with? The Constitution of the United States is not compatible with Shahira law. And if Muslims like that law so much, why did they even leave their native land knowing it wouldn’t be so here? It’s the other way of conquering a country. They do it by population control. Immigration is used by Islam to accomplish their own purpose which is to destroy the Constitution of the United States. Canada found out the hard way so maybe our country can learn from Canada’s mistake?