I’ve got news for you and that is the Bible is a greatly restricted book with Catholics today. You can prove a lot with their canon law or the Catechism, so why rely on the Bible? Or select something out of the blue from an early church father and try to squeeze a size six foot into a size three doctrine.Indulgences and reward cards? I wonder if train ticket takers are ex priests waiting to have their tickets punched for profit? I have a difficult time seeing how adults buy into this nonsense. Yes, the same goof ups that bow to a plaster statue of Mary. More Catholic Quagmire soon.

A “Spirited” Conversation with Christadelphians- 4

I would like to introduce the invisible rabbit Harvey to all the Christadelphians out there. Harvey has retained his visibility for the second. Now onto serious matters. Since the Christadelphians have a difficult time with the Holy Spirit in either Testament I offer this proof of his existence.
The Holy Spirit and the Blessed Trinity The Holy Spirit in the Bible. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. Creating the world. Giving life to Adam & Eve. Bringing life to the world. Keeping the world in existence. Forging a covenant with the Chosen People. Revealing himself to Moses. Helping the Israelites to keep the Law. Inspiring Israel’s kings to rule in God’s name. Anointing Israel’s prophets. Sustaining the Israelites during the exile. Promising the coming Messiah. I think this is enough for this series and I hope that the christadelphians absorb all this information.

NBC Partisan Democrat Trump Circus

An NBC leading War correspondent has resigned calling his own network the Trump circus. The correspondent also dislikes Trump but believes that his network is so Trump focused that real news has been ignored. So much for the Free Press and their ethics. When networks become partisan to either party the news Services become diminished. They are literally cutting their own throat. How can anyone take what NBC has to say seriously anymore? Truth has perished and been cut off from their mouth. NBC is fast becoming the National Bologna Corporation.

A “Spirited” Conversation with Christadelphians- 3

This is the last installment in this series. I hope I have had enough information that any serious student of the Bible will see that the Holy Spirit is most definitely in operation today. I hope that the Christadelphians have their Superior brain on today so they can discern the truth of the Holy Spirits existence today. If not, they remain an IM- intellectual moron. Please pray for the wisdom of Christadelphins. If not they are going to the hell that they also believe doesn’t exist.

A “Spirited”Conversation with Christadelphians- 2

A strange thing about the Christadelphians is that while they know that God is Spirit, they have trouble with the spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit, especially the Holy Spirit whom they deny exists today. I would like to help them understand the Holy Spirit in both the Old and New Testament. I think that is enough for this session. I will continue the spirited conversation in part 3.

A “Spirited” Conversation to Christadelphians- 1

I believe Christadelphians can agree that God is a spirit. So far they are with me. The following is where they are literally, as a new friend would call it, LOST IN THE SPACE BETWEEN THEIR EARS. I have good news for them and that is that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and that is in Romans 10:17. On this point, the majority of Christians would agree however the part of CHRISTIAN DUMB that do not accept it are the Christadelphians. Now since they have a hard time with the Holy Spirit, what about this? This is beginning to be a very SPIRITED discussion. The Christadelphians Can accept the spirit of God but have a difficult time accepting the spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit especially as they would appear in the Old Testament. I’m trying my best to appeal to the highly sophisticated Christadelphian brain. All the while keeping in mind that God is not a god of partiality. Is it possible that the Christadelphins cannot grasp the Holy Spirit since it is invisible? But they can grasp the spirit of God which is also invisible? Even to the highly sophisticated Christadelphian brain, that just doesn’t make sense? How about this monkey wrench into the conversation? Do you know in Hebrews 11 Moses saw the invisible Christ? Seeing him who is invisible. I truly hope by this time the Christadelphians aren’t beginning to see Harvey the invisible rabbit from the Jimmy Stewart movie? If so, I will have more in part 2 of the series.

The Love Test

Patience. Kindness. Generosity. Humility. Courtesy. Unselfishness. Good temper. Guilelessness. Dealing with our fellow man. 1st Corinthians 13 is the love chapter of the Bible. How well do you fare on each aspect of love found here? It might help if you take this test with your significant other.

Never say to your wife or girlfriend that her waist is like a heap of wheat as a Song of Solomon says. If to your wife, you will be spending your night on the couch and if to your girlfriend, she may well slam the door in your face. Discretion please.