Prophet Sundar Wrong Again

Give a man a beard And some Israeli garb And you have yourself a profit. Well I guess I can accept that word too. For this prophet is out to make a profit.I have a video for you today about Sundar. You can see him often on the Jim Bakker show which should send up a great many red flags. Why do people continue to follow false prophets?

Was Joseph Smith the Original Mister Peeper?

Joseph Smith was charged with fraud for hat peeping. He would put a Seer Stone into his hat and look into his hat and tell the future. He would use the same process to decipher reformed Egyptian into New King James English and people believe this? He was charged with fraud for doing this and then turned around and created The Book of Mormon in the same manner that he cheated people? I have a video but confirms this. hat peeper fraud Maybe Joseph Smith had just read Cat in the Hat and transformed it into searstone in the Hat? Or maybe Joseph Smith was just stoned? And the Mormon church rest their entire theology on this nonsense? He cheated people using the same searstone in the Hat trick by telling them their future. Maybe he had a vision of Golden Plates under golden arches at McDonald’s? He and Ronald McDonald would make good teammates. This convicted felon is the Keystone of the Mormon religion? It boggles the imagination!

Teaching Expository

Most churches today preach theme messages over that of expository preaching. Expository preaching is using the Bible and going verse by verse to bring out the meaning in context. When I preach expository Style I not only keep the texts in context but also focus on the audience to whom the scripture is directed. That is sound biblical preaching. Today a lot of pastors take scripture out of context to prove a point. If you’re a preacher try preaching on the Bible verse by verse so the people can get the truth from the scripture. Expository holy spirit-led sermons are the best by far. This is my comfort in my affliction for your word has given me life.

Roman Catholics, Emergent Church, and Mysticism

I have a video for you today about a human trinity of abomination that is growing by the day. Examine this Video carefully and learn of dangerous practices of these unholy three. Here we go again!

Is Mary the Queen of Heaven?

There is not one verse of scripture that directs anyone to pray to Mary. A Catholic man has been commenting here about this issue and only brings personal opinion to the table. He says that Mary as a Believer should be praying to. Does he believe that every believer should be prayed to? Why just Mary? His steadfast Devotion to her sounds like worship to me.

Mary worship here offends God and rightly so. All references to the Queen of Heaven are found in Jeremiah.

Sacrifices are allowed to worship the Queen of Heaven.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary TO SCRIPTURE. When Mary and her family wanted to see Jesus he refused and turned to his disciples and said, you are my mother, my sisters, and my brothers. How do you think that affected his mother Mary? The Roman Catholic Church has turned Mary into something scripture never intended her to be.

The Wise Men???

    Hey guys we finally made it. I saw some Shepherds over by that Manger. Yeah, but they’re nursing a sick cow not the savior. Okay well so we’re a little late. Let’s stop and check my Sundial again? Stop again? We stopped over a hundred times for you. I told you to go before we left and all those stops for food. Your camel is going to need Doan’s pills for back ache. A Shepherd by the manger said we’re 2 years late and he wanted to know if we wanted some milk? And as long as we’re here. Get back up on your camel. We’ve wasted enough time already. My myrrh is starting to get stale. Oh, yes, and we just had to stop at that horror Factory while you picked up Frankenstein. Dummy you were supposed to get frankincense. Well, Stein seemed more Jewish? By the way can we go sightseeing now that we’re here? Sightseeing? With all your stops we’ve seen every town in Israel but Bethlehem! Now where did you go to? While you two were arguing I asked some guy over there where the Christ child might be? Well for once you did something wise. Who was it? Some guy by the name of Herod and he’s looking for boy children ages 2 and down. Must be some kind of beauty contest. And we’re supposed to be wise men?? Did you get the address? He didn’t know that. In fact he asked me if I knew the address because I was a wise man. Some wise man you are. By the time we get to him he’ll be ready for College. By the way why do you stable your camel so far from your house? Because I’d walk a mile for a camel any day of the week. Are we going out on that joke?

The Bible Speaks

This study on homosexuality focuses on the word Belial. I want you to focus on this word on each Passage. In judges 19 homosexuality is described as being great wickedness, an outrage, and a vile thing. Affirming churches bring in homosexuals active or passive however this study will show that there is no such thing as a gay Christian. Sons of Belial do not know the Lord.IMG_20180201_094541Some say that Jesus has nothing to say about homosexuality but in 2nd Corinthians he does. What Accord has Christ with Belial?IMG_20180201_094814