A very dear friend passed away last week and at times during that day would witness the blood of CHRIST that saved her.  Helen was a Coptic Catholic. She largely spoke Arabic but in her heart and smile she wore the cross of Christ. I never heard her say anything about Peter or Mary. She did believe that only Coptics are saved.

I recall a Bible study that I and three of her friends had with Helens Daughter as the interpreter. It was the most blessed study I’d ever had. It took a lot longer  but was worth every minute.

Rest In Peace Helen. You’re with your Savior now. His blood has brought you to His kingdom.


  1. Amen. From your tribute to her I wish I could have known Helen,
    I looked up Coptic Catholics. I learned that Coptic means Egyptian. They are suffering great persecution by the radical Muslims right now with bombings of their Churches..beheadings..and even crucifixions for refusing to renounce Christ. They are given the choice..”Renounce Christ or die like Christ!” They observe the same 7 sacraments as the parent Catholic Church with which they reunited in 1751. And they call the Eucharist..”The crown of the Sacraments.”


    1. Why do you rethink I doubt your church? Helen thought the Eucharist ttto be fake coming out of Vatican 2. Fathe Ambrose, love that name,told me he per forms it without understanding it. He’s Saran. Insired,


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