Why Do the Roman Catholics Pray to Mary?

Mary will save the world? I thought that was Jesus Christ that did that? But why pray to Mary at all for Mary to intercede for you on behalf of the father? The only mediator between God and man is Christ Jesus so where does Mary fit in? She doesn’t!

Is Mary trying to take the place of the Holy Ghost? Why ask Mary to pray for you when that is the function of the Holy Spirit? He makes intercession for us in Grownings that cannot be uttered. Holy Spirit prays for us even when we do not know what to pray for. What is prayer to Mary really doing?

Is prayer to Mary quenching the spirit? Absolutely!

The Holy Spirit intercedes for us in prayer according with the will of God. The Holy Spirit is part of the Triune God. Mary is NOT part of that trinity! So why have prayers through her?

3 thoughts on “Why Do the Roman Catholics Pray to Mary?”

  1. You have yet to answer my challenges to you to provide for us so much as one official doctrine of the Catholic Church that says Catholics are to worship the Virgin Mary. Your silence says a lot. You can’t do it can you? And..it is NOT a doctrine of the Catholic Church that we consider Mary as “part of a triune God.” Another false witness. And..we pray to Mary only in the sense that we ask her to pray FOR us to God..as you ask someone to pray FOR you to God.


    1. You asked for evidence and don’t watch the videos which have the evidence. My internal tracker said you have watched very few videos. The Catholics cover up sexual abuse and many other things as well. Satan is in charge of your church because he wants to be like the most high.


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