Prayer Should Never Be the Last Resort

Today I had an interesting thing happen to me. I ate a normal breakfast but the bacon was not well done part of it got caught in my esophagus. Normally this would call for a certain type of medicine that breaks it up. The last time I had it I drink a glass of water with the interior of the pill in the water. It also got caught in my throat and I began choking and gagging as the medicine had no place to go. I began to pass out when all of a sudden the passageway opened up and I could swallow again. It was very scary and I didn’t want to go through that again today. I ate breakfast at 8 in the morning and then could not swallow anything again. Everything came up that I tried to swallow. I didn’t want to take that medicine after what had happened the last time. The alternative was going to the hospital. Finally I thought of Prayer in regards to a healing. I’m really down on Ministries that heal because of what they represent. And they really bring down the name of Jesus Christ by their actions. These are the Benny Hinn’s land Joyce Meyers who make a mockery out of healing by somehow turning it into the Prosperity Gospel for them. At this point though I did turn to Jesus as a last resort and there was a vacancy there. I focused on him deeply and in his name prayed that the obstacle instructed my esophagus what depart and it actually did. I have been healed in minor things before but never something like this. All morning long I couldn’t swallow anything and the hospital was a last resort. Well, not really the last resort that was Jesus but he was still open to me and healed me and all praise and glory goes to him for what He did for me. Prayer to me has always been to glorify God. I will remember what he did for me today.

Oh yes, in the name of Jesus he will save you too and there is no other name under Heaven or Earth by which you can be saved straight up. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God

4 thoughts on “Prayer Should Never Be the Last Resort”

  1. Amen. Praise God for your healing! My wife and I used to belong to a Charismatic prayer and praise group which was about 50/50 Catholic and Protestant. One debating doctrines! We were there to praise the Lord together and ask the Holy Spirit to come. “Let the fire fall”..we would sing. He always showed up! At the end of our meeting we would gather around to lay hands on and pray for anyone requesting prayer. My wife was scheduled to have a semi invasive look into her arteries the next day “to see the progress of the blockage of her arteries.” Our leader said, “We are going to pray for a complete healing.” My wife objected saying, “No no, just pray that the procedure goes safely.” Our leader smiled and said, “Don’t tell us how to pray Peggy.” We prayed for a complete healing.
    The next day, after several hours of waiting in Cleveland clinic, a doctor came out and took me into a little room. He looked upset. He said, “I don’t know how to explain this. But ALL of your wife’s blockages are gone. Even the blockage that we had bypassed is gone! Clinically this does not happen!” I knew how it happened. – Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus.


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