The Good Humor Man is Jesse Duplantis

Since when did The Gospel of Jesus Christ become a laughing matter? What is so funny about suffering for Christ? Yet Jesse Duplantis Stakes his entire Ministry on humor. I think he really enjoys playing the fool. He likes to get a good laugh only when is Ministry supposed to be funny? He might be better served playing the Court Jester for Kenneth Copeland his buddy and pal. To be fair some pastors inject a note of humor in their messages but it’s not the whole message of humor that Duplantis utilizes. He prances up and down his platform acting silly and playing out a roll of tomfoolery. I just don’t understand his approach yet his congregation laughs along with them encouraging him to do even more silly stuff. I’ve seen him serious. In the end Jesse Duplantis is laughing all the way to the bank and he has lots of money in that bank at his congregations expense. I wonder how much he’ll laugh when he one day stands before Jesus?

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