Necromancy Practiced by Roman Catholics


I am trying to reason wwith a Roman Catholic who believes that he can pray to Mary now though she is still dead in a place called Hades but on the paradise side of it. She’ll be there until the Rapture of the church. Necromancy carries with it the death penalty and no bones about that at all.

There’s enough skeletons coming out of Roman Catholic closets today without asking for more. Where is prayer to Mary found in Scripture? There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Catholics want there to be to with the second one being Mary. That is a Lie from the pit of Hell.

JZ Knight does this with  her familiar spirit called Ramtha who was supposed to be as 32,000 year old Warrior. She supposedly Channels him. I wonder if she is a Roman Catholic? Maybe Kent would have better luck with the witch of Endor?

7 thoughts on “Necromancy Practiced by Roman Catholics”

  1. Prayer to Mary to a Catholic means only to ask Mary to pray for us for our intentions to God..not worshipping Mary as you have been taught by non-Catholics. And asking others to pray for us can be found in the scriptures in 1 Tim.2:1-3.

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    1. Mary is not currently alive to ask. I have told you where she is. This is no longer a matter of ignorance but one of stupidity. You can ask alive people all you want to pray for you. Again you show ignorance about the Holy Spirit praying for you and being your intercessor as part of the Triune God whom you seem to reject over that of praying to a dead woman. Again we reach the level of stupidity.


      1. I forgive you for calling me “stupid.” But no one is stupid to believe that Mary is alive when Jesus Himself said..”Whosoever believes in me, though he may die, yet shall he live.” Jesus said it. That settles it. Catholics believe Jesus!


    2. The Scriptures tell us we are to pray to no one but God. Mary herself acknowledged that she needed a Savior because she was a sinner like everyone else who has ever been born. By praying to Mary and so called saints, this is an act of worship whether you want to admit it or not. Jesus never said to pray to His mother. Neither did the apostles or Paul. BTW, I am a former Catholic. I have seen them kneel before a statue of Mary, praying to her.


  2. You are presently debating the crackpot jackpot. Where is all the other Roman Catholics. They are the only denominational group that suffered loss over the last 20 years with the exception of Buddhism.


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