Hinn, Hagee, and Van Impe

I haven’t said a single thing about Jack Van Impe however he believes the Catholic catechism lines up to the Bible pretty well. It must be the revised Van Impe version? Jack Van Impe has predicted the time of the end ever since I’ve known him. He’s been wrong every time. Van Impe’s Ministry is one of speculation. His whole Ministry is based on speculation. John Hagee, on the other hand, on the surface seems quite biblical. But he is part of the word of faith movement and supports ministers like Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis. Sometimes you know someone better by who he fellowships with. John Hagee also does a great deal of speculation. Benny Hinn skips around the corners of absolute blasphemy. All three. Do not have a good testimony to those who are outside the body of Christ as 1st Timothy 3:7 declares a minister should have. They’re all into the money game. John Hagee’s son is now being groomed for Ministry. You should be wary of all three. I will have more on Dr.Jack.Van Impe in a future article.

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