5 thoughts on “Catholicism is NOT Christianity”

  1. If the Catholic Church is not a Christian Church..then there is no such thing as a Christian Church! Because the Catholic Church existed from Pentecost, when Peter spoke.. for 15 CENTURIES before the first Protestant Church ever existed! 1532 A.D. is when the Reformers left the One,Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to split off into dozens.. then hundreds.. then thousands of Protestant Churches who can not all agree today on ONE Christian doctrine! Please explain to me why that is ok when Saint Paul said that Christians are “to be of ONE mind, thinking alike” (Phil.2:2)


    1. The Catholics aren’t of one mind. Are you saying the gay Catholics and the same line set a spiritual Catholics? Christianity came through the Apostle Paul as the first Saved Christian in Acts 9 because Christians are called the body of Christ. Peter never used the term but then in reality he wasn’t the first pope either. That is a Catholic myth and they have a whole lot of those.

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  2. Satan is the ruler in the Roman Catholic Church and not the Pope. This pope sign the peace treaty with Muslims. Another sign of the last days


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