When Tim Andreanopolous and I co-pastored a church near the Speedway in Indianapolis, our service day was Saturday. We were allowed six day usage of a Church of the General Baptist that had very few members left. The church could seat about 150 and had a baptismal tank in the front. It was a non-denominational Bible Church that we called Gods Truth. We held to the sabbath day. I wanted to provide Pope Francis to give his reason for changing the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Our Norte Dame Fighting Irish could only play their football season on Saturday so the Lord came to me to reason together. We opted to keep Sunday holy and Saturday football. Besides the Saints also play on Sunday Just In case. And the Professional Golf Association offers 18 holies every Sunday. We’ve got you covered.


  1. Did God authorize changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? Yes..He did. He said to His selected leader of His Church..”I will give to you the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. WHATSOEVER YOU bind on earth will be BOUND IN HEAVEN.” (Matt.16:17-19) So the Catholic Church has BOUND us to observe Sunday as the Sabbath in honor of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, rising from the dead on..Sunday.


      1. Sure. Jesus gave His selected leader of the Church that He built, His authority to bind and to loose in Heaven’s name in Matt.16:17-19. So His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church bound us to celebrate Sunday as the Sabbath in honor of our Savior rising and walking out of His tomb on..Sunday. Good call!


  2. Paul disagrees with you on Apostolic tradition. Because the Apostle Paul said.. “Hold fast to the TRADITION that you have received from us, EITHER by word OR by a letter of ours.” (Thess.2:15) Oh oh! There goes..the Scriptures Alone!


    1. He said from us. Not future apostles. Read 2 Cor. 11:13-15 and you will find your apostles. By the way, the Mormons now claim their book of Abraham is older than any catholic teaching.


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