The Self-Anointers

These three men are Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, and Bill Johnson all of the New Apostolic Reformation. All three are self-anointed Apostles. Cute trick isn’t it? Maybe I should anoint myself as Superman? How about some Bible scripture here? Oh I forgot? These three men don’t believe in the inerrancy of scripture. I think Johnson had a dream when he was a child. Let’s listen in shall we?And now that Bill Johnson has anointed himself and his two friends as apostles, he can go Way Beyond scripture. In that way he doesn’t have to pay attention to Bible scripture. All he has to do is say, the Lord says, for his new revelation to back whatever he wants to back.

This is the catchphrase of the New Apostolic Reformation. What a Sad commentary to this group.

5 thoughts on “The Self-Anointers”

  1. Some people are so willing to accept just about anything. How can anyone anoint themselves anyone take them seriously? These are people that are in charge of their congregations.


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