The Dreams of Rick Joyner

Jeremiah.23.25-FalseProphetsLieAboutTheirDreams I just listened to a Dream by Rick Joyner in which he related it in such detail it was if he had an angel at his bedside taking dictation. Most dreams are hard to remember especially as we age. Rick Joyner calls himself a prophet. But a prophet of what? All biblical prophecy is found in the Bible. The New Apostolic Reformation prophesized a lot with a success rate of about 20%. Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.The+Prophets+Confirmed+The+Word+To+Be+From+God+By+The+Accompanying+SignsJoyner is a false prophet who follows his own spirit and creates Havoc. His dreams are against his enemies of the truth. He, like most of the Apostolic Reformation, do not like to be challenged with the truth of the Gospel. What is the chaff to the wheat? I think most of Mr. Joyner’s dreams come from eating too much chili the night before.NASB_Jeremiah_23-27 Rick Joyner dreams by the inspiration of Baal. And, what accord has Christ with Baal?

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