Apostle Rick Joyner and Voodoo

Apostle Rick Joyner of Morningside Ministries is trying to tap into the anointing power of voodoo to perform what you are seeing here. Notice tongues without an interpreter. This is what happens to churches that goes beyond scripture. This is the

Link to that video that should open some eyes.  I wonder how soon the RCC will be getting into this nonsense they are even now into pagan ritual.

Keep a wide berth from either Rick Joyner or Todd Bentley. Each has opened a Pandora’s box of demonic evil.


2 thoughts on “Apostle Rick Joyner and Voodoo”

  1. Contrary to popular myth..the Catholic Church, far from “getting into paganism” has been the number one force throughout history, of getting pagans OUT of Paganism! One example – The Vikings. Their culture for a long time was based upon sailing into small villages to kill, to rape, and to plunder. No army was able to stop them. But the Catholic Church finally stopped them..by gradually converting them out of Paganism and into Christianity.


    1. That was then. This is now. Christmas is a pagan holiday that was not even celebrated in the us till 1836. Your church took a pagan holiday and hocus Pocus Ed it into Christmas. Now you’re back in pagan rituals again.as the Bible says, a dog will return to his vomit.


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