JZ Knight : Adultery, Fraud, and Swindler

a1jzknightmug27Why are all the phoney hucksters blonde? You have Paula White, Barbie Breathitt, and Knight herself. She married a horse breeder and while married she had sex with him prior to marriage cheating her own husband. The man she married knew a lot about horses and over the course of time she did too. When she divorced her husband, this second husband, she inherited most of his horses and these are million-dollar horses. She now breeds and sells these type of steeds. And we haven’t even got to Ramtha yet. Ram, as they call him, is a 35000 year old Warrior from Atlantis who speaks through Knight. Ramtha is nothing less than a familiar spirit which is forbidden by scripture under the penalty of stoning. Again the illiterates who follow her love to have it so. She counsels them through Ramtha. These are very expensive sessions and is similar to how Scientology operates. Different language but same principle. Knight has gotten to be a millionaire several times over largely due to her School of Enlightenment. Thousands of students attend that mockery of a school. A former employee said he once heard Knight off the stage practicing her Ramtha voice. This whole operation is a Ponzi scheme to make Knight wealthy at the expense of her gullible followers. Followers make these people wealthy. Maybe we need someone to bring followers out of a spirit of stupor?

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