Jimmy Swaggart Should NEVER Preach Again- 1

I’m sure that you’re aware that all pastors are actors as well. The I Have Sinned confession wrought with tears was not very convincing. Swaggart was only willing to take a short disciplinary break from the pulpit. He actually defined that period. How does Swaggart line up with Scripture in this regard? Does he have a good testimony to those outside the body of Christ?

No, he has a terrible example. How does he rule his family and especially his wife? Not good forcing her to have to keep up. This is an eighty two year old woman? All because of Swaggarts many liaisons with prostitutes. He should never have been permitted to preach again.  Teach and sing? Absolutely but after a lengthy period of discipline set forth by his denomination. More of that in Part Two.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Swaggart Should NEVER Preach Again- 1”

  1. All of that came close on the heels of the civil rights struggle which opposed prejudice against blacks in the 60s and 70s. That was..the majority of blacks being judged by their worst minority. Then came the prejudice against Protestant Ministers where the majority of good and holy Ministers were judged by THEIR worst minority..like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker. I remember opposing two members of my own family who parroted the common prejudice/lie back then of..”They are ALL like that!” Now I feel like I am trying to shovel back the tide of the last socially acceptable prejudice in our country! Which judges the majority of good and holy Catholic Priests by the actions of the worst minority of Catholic Priests..to feed Anti Catholicism!


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