The Hypocrisy of Catholicism

THEY TOOK OUT THE apocrypha!

THE CATHOLICS ADDED IN FROM the catechism. If you look back to the comment in one of our debates on Catholicism, Kent seemed near horrified when Martin Luther took out the Apocrypha from the Bible. However even in the original 1611 King James Bible it is said of the Apocrypha that it is good for useful reading but does not come up to the level of scripture. There are just far too many historical errors in the Apocrypha. Kent was more upset because prayers to the Dead and purgatory were removed from the Bible. But he isn’t horrified when Catholicism does the same thing by adding to the scripture from the catechism the Immaculate Conception. The Bible condemns both adding to and taking away from The Word of God. Proverbs 30:6 says, do not add to his words lest God reprove you, and you be found a liar. Wow! Gasp!

4 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Catholicism”

  1. I have some bad news for you. Please sit down. (1.) Christianity did not begin with the first Protestant Church after the Reformation in 1532 A.D. The oldest Protestant Church is only 485 years old. And Jesus Christ said that he built his Church 2,00 years ago! (Matt.16;17-19) Only the Catholic Church can trace itself back, Bishop by Bishop, for 2,000 years, to Jesus Christ as it’s personal founder.
    (2.) The Reformers did not give us the bible called the “Original 1611 King James Bible.” There were about 180 gospels and epistles, some real mixed in with some fake, being passed around from congregation to congregation, during the first 3 centuries. So it came to the Catholic church to study them and pray over them to discern which were Holy Spirit inspired..and which were not. It was the Catholic Council of Carthage in 397 A.D. where the canon of the scriptures was closed at 72 books. Those books all remained in the scriptures for the next 11 CENTURIES..until Martin Luther and the Reformers took away 7 of those books! The Catholic Church added nothing to the bible. The Reformers took away 7 books..including the 2 books of Maccabbees which teach Purgatory. Wonder why..
    (3.) You think the Immaculate Conception of Mary would have to be in the scriptures because you believe in the historically recent doctrine of Sola Scriptura – only the Scriptures. PROBLEM! Nowhere in the scriptures does it say.. only the Scriptures! It ONLY says that the scriptures are useful for instruction which Catholic Church agrees with. But the scriptures DO say..”The CHURCH is the pillar and foundation of truth.” (1 Tim.3:15) And the Scriptures DO say.. “Hold fast to the TRADITIONS you have received from us EITHER by word of mouth OR by a letter of ours.” (2 Thess. 2:15) So the bible says that we are to be instructed by the Scriptures AND by the Church AND by sacred Tradition.


    1. Paul is talking about the New Covenant Church or the body of Christ. It says in 2nd Timothy that all scripture is god-breathed. Pope Pius call another Pope the Antichrist. That Pope had wisdom. Your church is the Church of the Antichrist. Examine the record of the present Pope. Unification of Islam. The guy is nuts. Finally dealing with the sexual abuse scandal Maybe. The nun scandal. Only you say about the original church was Catholic. Jesus didn’t say that. You suppose then Peter was the first pope but Peter was Jewish. Peter only spoke to Jewish people on the Commandment of Jesus Christ. You adapt your whole Priestly service from the Jews in the Old Testament. Most of your theology stays in the Old Testament. Jesus throughout his lifetime was in the Old Testament under the law. The church according to Ephesians 2 began with the Apostle Paul. The body of Christ have been kept secret since the foundation of the Earth. Read Ephesians 2 if you doubt that and that is is in the New Testament. Paul was the first saved believer but it was not about Paul as he said imitate me as I imitate Jesus Christ. Get with the program. Also if your name doesn’t return to comments they will not be published. Interesting enough you use Mary as your cover now. Mary and not Jesus. And you don’t worship Mary?


  2. This guy must be thicker than ice. He still doesn’t get it. He complains about the Apocrypha being taken away hello tries to justify why the catechism can be added. He is absolutely crazy.


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