I Know a Man who claims to be a Christian yet carries a massive Grudge against psychiatry. In his mind he would like to destroy them or kill them or blow up their Professional Buildings. I have often given him these two verses. If he can’t forgive the psychiatrists then God won’t forgive him his trespasses. He tries to justify his behavior by saying that he is like Jesus with the Pharisees. But I don’t recall Jesus killing any Pharisee or blowing up their synagogues. To get even with his enemy he will justify nearly everything. He wears his Grudge like a badge. He says psychiatrists have ruined his life. Even when told that God will not forgive his trespasses unless he forgives others, he even tries to justify that. He has an unrepentant heart that is as cold as ice. If he doesn’t change that unrepentant heart will follow him into hell. If Jesus could forgive his toormentors from the cross then this man can forgive the psychiatrists that supposedly ruined his life. Jesus said, father Forgive them for they know not what they do. My friend would counter that by saying, but they knew what they were doing to me. Justify, justify, and justify. I ask for prayer for this man that the Lord Jesus will heal his heart and restore unto him peace. Forgetting is forgiveness. He needs to move on with his life anew. Pray to that end please.


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