Van Impe’s Time Tunnel

For a time I subscribed to the British concept of Ezekiel 38 where Tarshish and her Young Lions were indicative of Great Britain and the United States, Australia, and Canada. Herbert W Armstrong first came up with this concept. Even when corrected by Christians on this topic I held firm. Then In My Time Tunnel for a Time I told people that the Catholic catechism was as solid at the Bible. I was known as The Walking Bible. At times I walked the puppy too far. I speculated far beyond the scriptures and a lots of my prophecies were wrong. I often times tried to connect countries to prophecies and I was sometimes right but more often times wrong. Now I’m in retirement due to poor health and I hope to get better soon. I’m what is known as a sensationalist pastor. But for now my wife Rexella is waiting for me to play croquet with her. I predict a victory for me. Thank you and good night.

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