They should call this group, The Four Apostates. To your left are Paula White-Cain and her husband and to your right is Lori and Jim Bakker. It should be noted that White has no theology degree.  She made herself a pastor much like Jezebel did in Revelation. Another thing to be wary of and that is she is the spiritual advisor to President Trump.

Why do I say wary? White says that anyone who tells you to deny yourself is of the devil.Is White calling our Lord  and Savior a devil? That’s like Jim Bakker once  stating that in all his years of ministry he had never come upon Matthew 6:24 before ? It’s right in the middle of the Sermon on the Mount.    All of these so called pastors are NOT of this ilk from 1st Corinthians 9:18. WHEN I PREACH  THE GOSPEL, I MAY PRESENT THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHIST WITHOUT CHARGE SO THAT I WILL NOT ABUSE MY AUTHORITY IN THE GOSPEL. Paula White abuses her authority in the gospel every time she opens her mouth. Be watchful please!




  1. All of Protestantism needs to be wary. Most preachers have good intentions but we should be wary of the thousands of different preachers teaching thousands of different gospels! As Martin Luther said.. “I rejected the Pope. Now we have got a thousand Popes!”


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