Billy Graham Denies Jesus Christ Is Only Way

What Dr. Billy Graham is referring here to is called Wider mercy. Here you can hear and read him say this. He says people consciously or UNCONSCIOUSLY can know Christ. Huh? How can someone that is unconscious of Christ know Him?

Wider mercy means that Muslims and Buddhists can be saved even if they never accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This is outright pure heresy. And he was a young man when he said this. He said this on the Hour of Power with the late Dr. Robert Schuller. Schuller also believed this.

John 14:6 says, No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ.What Billy Graham is saying is that he accepts Universalism which is total heresy in regard to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

6 thoughts on “Billy Graham Denies Jesus Christ Is Only Way”

  1. A person who, through no fault of his own, does not know about Jesus Christ or his Church has committed no deliberate sin. He will not go to Hell for simply..not knowing something! Ignorance is not a sin. As Saint Paul said..”I obtained mercy, because Im did it ignorantly, in unbelief.” (1 Tim.1:13)


    1. With all forms of communication today including the internet, nearly everyone in the world has heard the name of Jesus. Paul said that 2000 years ago. Daniel said in the last days knowledge shall increase and he right.


    1. That is why Jesus built a Church and died for her. (Eph.5:25) To help us to find the Truth and stay with Him on His narrow Way that leads to salvation..”The CHURCH is the pillar and foundation of Truth.” (1 Tim.3:15)


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