A Jonathan Cahn Maybe Prediction

How many prophets are speaking for God today? Well how about Daniel or Ezekiel or maybe even Zachariah? Oh, you mean those modern ones like Mark Taylor, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, or even John Hager? How did last years Blood Moon prophecies turn out for Hagee and Cahn? The Jim Bakker Show trots out prophets nearly every day. But these guys are rather vague about their prophecies? Micah wasn’t in 5:2. Point black correct. Taylor sometimes gets his prophecies in rap. Nothing like a hip God.

So why do we harp on every word from false prophets? The prophets prophecy falsely and My people love to have it so- Jeremiah 5:31. Why? This is also directed at the prophets of today. I heard Rabbi Cahn offer supportive words to President Trump but then he mingled Trump into biblical prophecy. This time he was was compared to King Jesu. What happened to the King Cyrus ones? Could Cahn have some things right? Absolutely! But the majority are vague prophecies that are making these men rich. Matthew 6:24 says You cannot serve God and money. Bakker said in one of his books that he had never heard that verse before. No one has God On a string. And why spend all this wasted time on those you know are false? If prophecy interests go to the Bible. Therein you will find about 27% Unresolved prophecies that are 100% accurate?

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