Mind Control Cults- WICCA

WICCA likes to say that they don’t practice black witchcraft only white witchcraft. Witchcraft is witchcraft weather white or black. The Bible makes no distinction between the two. Witchcraft in the Bible carries the death penalty with it in the Old Testament. A consulted with familiar spirits is also forbidden by scripture. Fortune telling and crystal balls fall into this category. We are not doing be involved i we are not to be involved in necromancy which is contact with the Dead. The Mormons in their baptism of the Dead practice necromancy. We are not the cast spells and mess around with omens. Deuteronomy 18 covers the whole gamut of spiritism and it is to be avoided. WICCA will try to sugar coat their practices but they are forbidden by scripture. And that is good enough for me.

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