Jimmy Swaggart’s Perverted and Corrupt Bible

I’d look sad if I were you Jimmy because your Bible is perverted. Why do you compare yourself favorably to the Apostle Paul? Why did you remove the red letters of Jesus Christ from the Gospels? Why are your words and notes in color in your Bible? This is from a pastor that has had sex on multiple occasions with prostitutes and does not accept church discipline. I have an attachment that would be worth your time to read. Jimmy Swaggart Tammy Faye Bakker Could Cry On Cue anytime so what about the tears of Jimmy Swaggart? Are they real? More importantly are they sincere? There is a great deal of corruption in Jimmy Swaggart Ministries including that of his wife Francis. For weeks Swaggart lied about his wife having knee replacements. What was his wife Frances having?

Both Francis and Jimmy Swaggart are living a lie and why should anyone be following them at all?


8 thoughts on “Jimmy Swaggart’s Perverted and Corrupt Bible”

  1. The whole Swaggart family are Crooks. Jimmy can turn on the tears like Tammy Faye Bakker could. He has no business being a pastor. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word church discipline.


    1. So did Jesus Christ say “put my words in red in the bible” ??? This was a selling point for King James Version bibles. The notes are actually helpful. You are all blinded by hate. Very judgemental followers of Christ.


  2. The Swaggart family has to know that they are fooling people with what they do. Don’t they have any idea what lies ahead of them in Eternity?


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