End Times Date Setters

How many Ministries do you know that set dates? Dr. Jack Van Impe has said for years that the Lord is coming. He singled out the year 2000 but nothing happened. Not even the big computer scare that everyone was talking about. Too many pastors are concerned with the end times as far as setting dates for it. Jim Bakker is another one and he uses scare tactics in order to peddle his survival food. No one knows the time of the end or even the time of the rapture. Ministries that do this are just speculating. They do this for some financial gain. Elizabeth Clare Prophet predicted the time of the end and when she was wrong her father was left in droves. Look at what happened to David koresh and the Branch Davidians at Waco? Or Marshall Applewhite and the Hale-Bopp Comet? These are predicted the times of the end and usually took their followers to their Eternal end. Jim Jones it’s another one. All these people died thinking about the end times were upon them. What all dates setters fail to do is rely on the words of the scripture.

5 thoughts on “End Times Date Setters”

  1. We even have dr. Van Impe in England. He’s always talking about revelation and the last days and has been doing that forever. He has sent many false dates for the end time. He should stick to dating his wife.


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